The OFFICIAL Anabolic Innovations TestoPRO review thread

  1. The OFFICIAL Anabolic Innovations TestoPRO review thread

    Final reviews...

    Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73
    Beginning weight:194.5
    End weight:194.5

    Beginning body fat % (approx.): 7%
    Ending body fat % (approx.):6.5% I think I traded 1lb of fat for 1lb of LBM

    A general description of your training and diet protocol:

    Diet: Was trying to diet at first but got pretty sick and ate just above maintenance cals for 2 of the weeks. Week 1 2200 cals 50% Protien, 25% for both fat and carbs. 2 weeks while sick, 2800-3000 cals most of the extra calories in form of carbs. Had a few extra cheat meals during that time as well. Final week diet was same as first.

    Training: 3 full body workouts a week. Very little cardio due to illness, and missed almost 1 week of training. Light movements on upper body, and pushed harder on legs during the last portion of the run.

    Any effects on mood:

    This definitely increased my Alpha Male feel. Made me typically happier and more positive yet less accepting of BS. I was not willing to put up with anything I felt was challenging my boundaries. I noticed every guy who walked by and sized me up. I also noticed I was doing the same with them. (not in a negative way)

    Any effects on libido:

    Very positive effect on libido. I already have an overactive libido so for me to notice means it was definitely an increase. After a bit it started to come and go. I was still very "ready" even while I was sick.

    Any effects on strength:

    I was not able to really push on upper body, however I had some impressive strength increases on legs.

    Any effects on endurance:

    I am unable to really comment on this due to the fact I had severe asthmatic bronchitis attack and am just now back to about 95% lung capacity.

    Miscellaneous comments:

    I really feel that the product worked very well and recommended it to several peers. It was a very nice feel, like being a teenager all over again would be the best way to explain it. I feel my initial goal would have been easily met barring the illness impeding my ability to push anything. For me to have been eating more freely during my illness and not doing much cardio I typically would have pounded on some fat. I am an ecto and can put on 20 lbs of fat in a month of loose eating if not careful. So this says a good bit about the increase in metabolism. I only lost a little bit of muscle during my illness, and feel I put it right back on and maybe another pound in the 8-10 days I was able to push it again. That tells me it definitely has the abilty for new muscle.

    I was looking at my abs this morning and noticed they were a tiny bit smoother but my obliques were leaner and getting veins in them again. Then I realized when I put on my belt that I was an inch smaller in the waist today than when I started. I have a little loose skin on my abdomen and when my stomach get smaller it takes a little bit for the skin to tighten back up to the abs again. I did get up over 200 lbs during the 2 weeks of almost being inactive, 203 to be exact so the waist came back down below what it at the start from an inflated 2 inches or so above my starting point. Very Nice!

    My only regret is that I got so sick and was unable to really dedicate 100% to testing the product to it's full ability. However it not only kept me from backsliding during a time of inactivity and higher caloric intake, but alowed me to make some strength increase upon recovery. For that I am greatful.

    Overall product rating (1-10 scale): 9 only because I need to try more Test boosters before I could honestly rate anything a 10. Solid Product, will definitely use again!
    Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch

    TestoPRO Final Review

    Beginning weight:190lbs~
    End weight:207~209 pending amount of carbs and gym time.

    Beginning body fat % (approx.):12%
    Ending body fat % (approx.):11%~ I notice some gone for sure.

    A general description of your training and diet protocol:
    1 bodypart a day. Sets often were rep range of 6-10 starting low and goign to 10 for more effective gains in mass. Weekends were rest days.

    Drinking was almost none existent, i think through the log i drank 2 or 3 times about 4-6oz hard liquor per time.

    Diet was fairly open to anything that was useful to my body. extremly low bad fats(maye 2 slices cheese a week), Sugar was very low.No candy, diet pop, gatorade sometimes, sugar free jelly and syrup, PB was kept at serving size.

    I had to eat for the intensity of the workouts but never over ate.

    I DID NOT overly adjust my diet for this log. It was very solid consiering my diet actually.

    Any effects on mood: Mid way i noticed more alpha feel, not overly aggresive but a good sense of confidence going into the gym. Nothing negative.

    Any effects on libido:No noteable changes. I thought maybe down a bit for awhile but i been a bit stressed out so i think it was just that.

    Any effects on strength:YES. My lifts are either up,climbing or reps per set are up. Nothing extreme but with all ingredients considered worth it.

    Any effects on endurance:Slight. During leg days i seemed to recover breathing more quickly. Outside of that nothing.

    Miscellaneous comments:I liked it alot. It was wellworth the time and i am heavily considering and suggesting to run it with stoked. Solo stoked did better for me but this did well too. I would start it from 3 caps 3x day, maybe cause im bigger...? So i say go 2 bottles.

    Thanks Annabolic Innovations the opportunity and i got a few more days left so ill see what i can make of them.

    Overall product rating (1-10 scale):
    Quote Originally Posted by metroba

    TestoPRO Final Review

    Beginning weight: 180
    End weight: 187

    Beginning body fat % (approx.): about 13-14%
    Ending body fat % (approx.): same

    A general description of your training and diet protocol:
    I train modified DC (4x/week) Hitting a muscle twice a week. I ate clean bulk, putting most of my carbs around workouts. And moderate carb doses spread throughout the day w/ carb cutoffs at about 10pm.

    Any effects on mood:
    Very positive mood. High alpha mentality.
    Any effects on libido:
    Definitely at first. In the beginning, libido sored. Then kind of went up and down throughout the rest of the cycle.
    Any effects on strength:
    Almost immediate effect on strength. Lifts went up quite a bit on everything. If you look back to my first final review, you can get some real #s.
    Any effects on endurance:
    Big effect on endurance muscular and cardio. Was able to keep going and going. Fatigue was reduced dramatically and I always left the gym wanting more.
    Miscellaneous comments:
    I <3 TPRO! And I will definitely be buying 2 more bottles in the near future for an 8 week run. I believe this stuff def got better over time and 8 weeks would yield some nasty natty results.
    Overall product rating (1-10 scale): 9, because I got some mad sharts from it.

  2. And there will be more to come.
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  3. Good stuff
    doing my own thang!

  4. Also watch for the 2 SWOLE stack reviews I has just started and the other will be soon.
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  5. Nice reviews, I can see myself doing an 8 week run of this and either GHenerate or HGHup early next year for a solid recomp.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner View Post
    Nice reviews, I can see myself doing an 8 week run of this and either GHenerate or HGHup early next year for a solid recomp.
    Sounds like a good stack bro let us know how it goes.
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  7. ...
    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20
    TestoPRO Final Review

    Beginning weight:198lb
    End weight:199lb

    Beginning body fat % (approx.):10.5%
    Ending body fat % (approx.): 9.5%

    A general description of your training and diet protocol:
    Macros 4500 cals/300protein/600carbs Average
    Training split:
    Mon: chest
    tue: back
    thur: shoulders
    Fri: arms

    I train pretty heavy in the 6-10 rep range with at least 4 sets sum times i may go to 6-7. I dont do much cardio actually avoid it like plaque cause i loose so much weight doing it so insted i dont rest long between sets and really push through workouts while keeping heart rate up

    Any effects on mood: I had the "since of weell being" feeling but it really did'nt start till last week.

    Any effects on libido: Libido was actually unchanged during the 4 weeks i mean sum days it seemed up but i really did'nt feel huge difference till i started the Stoked on week 4.

    Any effects on strength: Just like most everything else i did'nt ctully feel significnt chnges in strength till week 4 but, when it cme it cme strong nd i hit alot of personl bests thaT WEEK!

    Any effects on endurance: Endurance was crazy high. Like i mentioned in log i usually use a pre-work out supp like no-x but did'nt need to after week 1 the testopro alone ws fueling all the stnima i could deal wit i left gym everyday feeling like i could do more . Really loved this aspect of the product and one in which i noticed the most change in performance.

    Miscellaneous comments: Im not sure why i did'nt notice the libido/strength changes till week 4 that i read about in others logs. I actually felt maybe if i had opporortunity to run longer i would have seen increses in both cause week four on this product felt awesome and i just wish it was all for weeks. I also did'nt see any significant weight gin but did hve drop in body fat even with the increased calories week 3-4.

    Overall product rating (1-10 scale): 6/10

    The score would have been alot higher if i notice the changes alot earlyer compared to seeing them in week for but, over all for the price of the product i'll defintly give it another try

  8. ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Subweevil
    TestoPRO Final Review

    Beginning weight: 192lbs.
    End weight: 184lbs.

    Beginning body fat % (approx.): Pleasingly plump.
    Ending body fat % (approx.): Not so pleasingly plump.
    Honestly, I need to get this checked. I really donít need someone to tell me Iím fat, I can clearly see that, so I may save myself a few bucks for a bit. Definitely know Iíve leaned out a bit, as itís easier to see veins and muscle definition now, also by my pics in the log. Additionally, lots of comments coming my way about how much weight Iíve lost, and how better/healthier I look. I will pick up a set of calipers here in the near future.

    A general description of your training and diet protocol:
    My training is instinctive, meaning, if Iím feeling it, Iíll do it, although there is a rough schedule in my mind. Kinda been liking the DC style workout as of the last few months, always been a fan or rest/pause lifts. I usually add in a drop set of semi-isolation moves, followed by one of isolation, then hit up the DC style stretches. For instance, Barbell bench, dumbbell bench and flyes. In between sets, Iíll usually hit up some moderate 3 minute cardio, then go back to my next set. I usually hit my chest for first workout, as I feel thatís my lagging area, well, that and legs. My workouts are usually 2 days on and 1-2 days off, but, I canít always adhere to that due to work and other things ( I work 12-14 hours 5-7 days a week, on rotating shift.) This month was better in terms of adherence to working out, as I had a better set schedule and wasnít getting beat down at work as much as in the past.

    Diet is pretty much 3 chicken breasts, as much green veggies as my colon can handle, a few fiber one bars, some apples, bananas a shake here and there, and lots of water. That's at work. Home means red meat, but lean and veggies. An occasional cheat day, this was a cut for me. I like the zig-zag method of 1 day no carbs, next day carbs, and add one day until I hit 7, then repeat the cycle. The carb day is moderate, morning, pre and post, thatís pretty much it. Cutting for me is pretty much just a 1 month thing, then I maintain what I have, and give it a bit, then do it again. That way, my body resets, and itís ready to lose again. I have been known to adjust it, if I see my strength dropping quickly. Additional dietary supps Iím using are: CLA, Sesamin, fish oil, Mycogreen, and MVP-365. Additonal supps I was using during this log was Lean Extreme, which I am currently tapering off of now.

    Any effects on mood:
    Mood was elevated throughout, manifesting by about the 3rd to 4th day. Nothing terribly outta control, but very positive and ready to stand my ground. Pretty much a ďCan doĒ attitude.

    Any effects on libido:
    If it moved, it was fair game!! Make sure you have a reliable outlet for the increased libido this will give you, or else make sure you have aspirin for your hurting wrists. I wasnít the only one losing weight, the little lady lost some from all the running away from me she was doing. This stuff is very potent in this department. I would even go so far as to say a bit of pain down there with the little guys, think they got a bit bigger while on this stuff. Had to be careful when it was go time, almost washed the little lady of the map a few times!!

    Any effects on strength:
    Well, lifts went up/stayed the same on a cut, so Iíd give it a solid thumbs up here!! These were really noticeable for me by week 3, but I was making good gains before then, they just got better.

    Any effects on endurance:
    Recovery and endurance were great, kicking in by week 2 full force. Reps went up with the same weight, and DOMS were hard to come by. Had to force myself to sleep, this stuff really kept me going!! Matter of fact, I typing this now having been up since 3pm Tuesday, and getting ready to watch TUF.

    Miscellaneous comments:
    Loved this stuff!! Losing weight and keeping my strength gains, and heck, even improving on some of them make this a clear winner. Luckily, I had none of the bad gas/sharts others had, so thatís even better. I managed to lose roughly 8lbs during this log, I couldnít be happier!! This has been a real joy cutting this time. I canít wait to try this stuff whenever I can eat more, it should rock!! Iíd like to take this time to also thank everyone who followed along, and the very generous and knowledgeable people at A.I.

    Overall product rating (1-10 scale): This stuff did everything it was hyped to do, and then some. I have no problem whatsoever giving it a solid ď10Ē

  9. That is some sweet final reviews.
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  10. Would you happen to be doing legs first in each workout?


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