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Workout days: 2 caps per each large meal (50-100G CHO) Twice a day, 2 Pre-Workout.
Non-Workout Days:1 cap twice a day (25-50G CHO), 2 caps an hour before bed.
Pre Bed: 2 Caps Glycobol, 20G BCAA's.

So am I getting this confused or was your dosing protocol on workout days .. 6 caps : 2 with each large meal + 2 Preworkout + 2 Bedtime = 6 caps? and non-workout days you were throwing down 4 pills: 1 (2x) throughout the days with carb meals and then 2 before bedtime =4 caps? I just bought a bottle and looking for dosing ideas . thanks
If you are talking about Glycobol. I would only take 2 caps twice a day before a carb meal do not need 2 before bed. I would start slow if you have not used it before start with 1 cap twice a day before carb meals fow a few day if you are tolerating it well then go to 2 caps.