Get Stoked!

  1. Get Stoked!

    GET STOKED! TANK It fits perfect.
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    Ok now let's see a front double bi pose and tuck your shirt in lol

    Looks GREAT nice work!
    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
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    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
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  3. Damn! Very impressive!

  4. LOL OK. Note I took these about a month after my overall state win which I dieted for over 20 weeks so I had been enjoying my food lol but will start to clean it up a bit and not be so puffy. No pump either but I guess thats not the purpose of the pics. I'm already up 10lbs from these pics and with the help of AI products I'm going to be adding another 30lbs this offseason. I will get better pics asap.


  5. You look ripped bro and the tank looks good also.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports



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