Warren 1987 Gets Ripped For Summer!!!

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  1. Warren 1987 Gets Ripped For Summer!!!

    So, it's come to that time of year where I try to strip away the fat that I've gained after 6-9months of bulking. I've taken a different approach to last year where I went T-Total on carbs and have opted to keep carbs low on non-training days and then marginally increase them on training days to get me through my workouts. I've had a lot of help from Team Anabolic Designs and am optimistic that I'll get the results I deserve this year. I have a few goals:

    - Drop to single digit bodyfat readings
    - Increase Vascularity
    - Have a visible and defined abdominal area
    - Enjoy the taste of black coffee

    I have a holiday booked in July so this is the longterm goal to be in the best shape of my life for this and go from chunky to hunky in just 12 weeks! I expect to lose between 1.5-2 stone of bodyweight all of which I'm hoping will be fat

    Below is my diet and training routine as well as various stacks that I'm going to be running during the competition.



    70g oats P=8g C=42g F=5g
    2 scoops MyoFusion P=50g C=10g F=6g
    1 large banana P=1g C=31g F=0g
    Mineral water 350ml-500ml no calorific value


    175g turkey breast deli meat P=30g C=7g F=3g
    10g extra light mayo P=0g C=1g F=0g
    1 tortilla wrap P=4g C=35g F=3g


    2 scoops MyoFusion P=50g C=10g F=5g
    1tbsp EVOO P=0g C=0g F=9g
    350ml-500ml water no calorific value


    200g chicken P=47g C=3g F=4g
    Mixed salad (pepper/lettuce) P=0g C=2g F=0g
    50g Broccoli P=3g C=3g F=0g
    1tbsp EVOO P=0g C=0g F=9g


    175g Chicken P=40g C=3g F=4g
    60g Brown Rice P=4g C=42g F=2g
    Mixed Peppers P=0g C=1g F=0g
    1 tbsp EVOO P=0g C=0g F=9g

    0.5 scoops Size On Max Performance (DURING) P=3g C=20g F=0g 92kcals
    1.5 scoops IntraPro (IMMEDIATELY POST WORKOUT) P=37g C=7g F=5g 196kcals

    6. POST WORKOUT MEAL (60-90minutes after I train)
    250g Extra Lean Mince Beef P=52g C=0g F=10g
    1 medium white potato P=3g C=36g F=0g
    50g Broccoli P=3g C=3g F=0g


    2 scoops MyoFusion P=50g C=10g F=5g
    1tbsp EVOO P=0g C=0g F=9g
    Mineral Water 350ml-500ml no calorific value

    Totals: P=385g/1540kcal C=266g/1064kcal F=88g/792kcal 3396 calories total.

    -On non training days I propose to drop 20g oats from my first meal saving 10g carbs. Drop the white potato in my post workout meal saving 36g carbs and drop the brown rice from meal 5 saving 42g carbs. This will give me 151g carbs on non-training days cutting calories by 352 on non training days.


    I'll be running a variety of Anabolic Designs products stacked together to get some amazing results. They are as follows:

    Week 1-4: BULLK/TAURO TEST

    The idea is to gain muscle whilst dropping bodyfat, an idea that is generally ridiculed amongst the bodybuilding fraternity. I'm going to attempt to defy logic by actually gaining muscle whilst dieting by running the PRO-TEST stack for the first 4 weeks and then dramtically changing my body composition with the TRANSFORM STACK. Watch this space for results!


    I'll be continually changing my training to keep my body guessing, and using a form of periodisation, I'll train a 4 day split like this:

    W1- Chest/Calves/Abs
    W2- Legs/Biceps
    W3- Shoulders/Forearms/Abs
    W4- Back/Triceps

    I'll use varying rep ranges and will change these every 4 weeks as I have been doing. Rep ranges will change as following:

    Week 1-4: 8-12 reps
    Week 5-8: 6-8 reps
    Week 9-12: 12-16reps

    Training will be a mixture of compound and isolation but during the latter weeks of the challenge and during the evry high rep ranges I will look to use more isolation exercises to really bring definition to the areas I'm targeting.


    Noooooo, not cardio!!! A necessary evil unfortunately and one I'm determined to enjoy. As the days are getting brighter my plan is to perform 3-4 30minute SSCV sessions per week. I'll do this by going outdoors for a gentle jog, no faster than 5mph. I'll consume 1 cup of black coffee (yuck!) and do fasted cardio between 5.30am and 6.00am. This will fit in nicely with the first meal of the day. From week 5 onwards I will consume 1 cup of balck coffee and 1 Shredabull capsule.

    I think I've covered everything there, it's the second time I've typed this as my computer crashed when I was loading the starting pics the first time round! I'll endeavour to update daily whats going on with my training and diet and am weirdly looking forward to the start of my 12 week transformation. Without further a do, the starting pics...




    Starting Weight: 196lbs
    Starting Bodyfat %: 17%


    Chest/Calves and Ab's Today:

    Flat Bench Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Incline Dumbell Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Tricep Dips:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Flat Bench Flyes:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], 10kg to failure

    Seated Calf Raise:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Cable Crunches:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Workout done.

    Diet is hitting me hard, with no appetite suppressant I'm starting to get hunger pangs today especially seeing as I've been training and despite my carbs being higher on training days I'm still feeling a little lethargic. Training went well, already seen a slight dip in strength but this could be down to lack of sleep, I didn't sleep at all well last night only managed 4.5-5 hours, tried to nod back off after visiting work briefly this morning but just led in bed with my eyes closed for roughly 1.5hours. Hopefully with a couple of days rest now and Tauro-Test and BULLK working there way through my system I'll be able to attack training. Was getting a really good stretch in my chest with the increased reps so should see some growth over the next 4 weeks during this rep range. First morning CV session tomorrow morning before work, not looking forward to it but really not looking forward to the black coffee I think zero calorie sweetner could be on the cards.


    Right I'm sweating a lot. I don't know whether this is down to dropping water weight in the first few days or so or my body simply adapting to the changes in carbs but I'm finding I'm sweating more at work, this could just be the weather though who knows. Finding the diet so far really hard. Even on training days when I slightly increase my carbs I'm feeling hungry literally 45-60minutes after a meal and am then in agony by the time it comes to my next feed. I'm hoping this all changes over the next few days. Got some really achey pecs after chest yesterday so although the weight was lighter the increased reps are still hammering the target areas which is nice. Not much else to report having a bit of a binge tonight as it's Wrestlemania. For those of you that don't know I'm a giant gay and I looooooveeeee WWE wrestling and any that follow you'll know tonight is THE MOST ELECTRIFYING NIGHT IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!!! As it's only once a year I've got a few pals coming over for some beers and junk food and then I won't be having a cheat meal for the next 2 weeks. I know I'll suffer so early on in the diet and the cravings for food will only become worse after tonight but I'm prepared to take the hit for a bit of wrestling action. Training tomorrow so I'll update how that goes, fingers crossed with all the sugar I consme tonight I should be lifting some heavy poundage!


    Trained shoudlers and forearms yesterday just didn't get chance to update, here's how it went:

    Olympic Press (behind head):
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Seated Dumbell Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Reverse Flyes:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] dropset [email protected]

    Front Raises:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Forearm Curls:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    30minutes cardio consisting of 10minutes interval training 20second sprints on the bike at level 20 with 30seconds rest in between, 10 sets of this and then 15mins 4.5mph jogging on the treadmill. Good workout forearms were really pumped after this and the cardio especially the interval training near finished me off.


    Today has been a manic day. First day as a store manager today in a new store so it's been a bit chaotic learning the set up of the store and the daily plan so I didn't get a break until 12pm today so 6 hours without food. I ate 2 meals in one go here but couldn't eat all of my 12pm meal after I'd had my turkey wrap. Next break at 3pm so again I ate 2 meals as I knew I wasn't going to get to sit down again until I finished at 8pm. Needless to say I was weary by 7pm and struggling to stay focused. Truly jiggered I've come home eaten my meal and finished off a box of roses with a can of beer to chill out with. So far this week diet is piss poor and I really need to get my act together if I'm going to acheive anything in this contest. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day. I've decided I'm not going to have beef unless it's post workout as I'm just struggling to eat it without any carbs to go with it. I'll switch this for a turkey salad so the protein will be the same and not affect my macro's at all. It'll just mean I actually eat all of this meal instead of either taking 30minutes to eat or binning half of it like I have done today. New day tomorrow, need to get back on track, I've probably put weight on!!!


    First off cheers Ash and Rich. Yeah at the end of the day work puts money on the table and pays the bills but it's a pain in the arse not being able to acheive my training goals. However, today has been better. Although not sticking strictly to eating times I've eaten all my meals there or there abouts on time. Only issue I had was the last meal I consumed an hour late which left me feeling weak again. Bloody hard work running a store that I a) don't know anybody in and b) don't know the daily routine yet. It's all a bit manic at the moment. I've got a relatively easy weekend though only in till 12pm tomorrow then Firday off in till 10am Saturday and Sunday off so I've got a lot of time for some R&R and to reflect on the week. Swapping the mince out was a great call today as although it left me with slightly less protein (18g to be exact) I enjoyed the meal more and could eat it quickly. I think in the grand scheme of things it would be beneficial to slightly drop the protein as well as the carbs on non training days, we'll see what the weigh in says on Friday. Fat around my belly has started to become less dense which is a good sign it's beginning to shift. Cardio wise I've not done any since I was in the gym but I did a little random routine for 10minutes which went like this:

    -2minute jog on spot
    -20 press-up's into 20 star jumps
    -30second rest

    I managed to do this circuit 3 times IIRC all in the comfort of my living room. No idea how many calories I burned but it got my heart going and I was sweating by the end of it so better than nothing I told myself! Weekend will be cardio heavy as last year I fell into the same trap of doing very little and not getting the body I wanted, this year will be different! Expect more posts over the weekend, need to catch up with you all! Peace out...


    So today has been much much better. All meals on time or thereabouts, all consumed happy days. I'm currently slurping down a couple of sample sachets of SciTec Chocolate Coconut and it's like a bounty bar in liquid form. Seriously tasty!!! Highly rate the falvours of this SciTec stuff it's well worth a look in for those that haven't tried it! So yeah generally feeling very upbeat about training tonight, should be training back unless my training partner pulls a face and wants to do something else. Then I'll slap him and we'll do back. 30minutes cardio afterwards and then I'm going to go for my first run of the competition seeing as I have a day off tomorrow. Training update to follow shortly guys


    Really solid back and tri's session at the gym last night with cardio and core work thrown in for good measure. Had bags of energy despite not having much sleep this week and really powered through. here's how it went:

    Rack Pulls:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Barbell Row:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Lat Pulldown, widegrip:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Skullcrushers into Close grip chest press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Overhead Cable Tricep Extension:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


    -5minute fit test warm-up
    -10minutes interval training 30seconds sprint at 10mph followed by 30second jog at 4.2mph
    -5minute walk at 3.6mph to cool down.

    Sweating like a mother after all this the sprints really took it out of me much to my super cardio fit training partners amusement!


    Leg Raises:
    20, 20, 20, 15

    Incline sit-ups:
    20, 20, 15

    Oblique Crunches (each side):

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Mega workout done.


    So I've come to the conclusion my scales must be broke as I've lost a fair bit of weight this week! No, joking aside although I've lost over 4lbs this week I'll expect the majority of that is water weight as I've commented during the week my mid section is starting to gain a bit of shape and chest is beginning to harden up. I have also been sweating buckets, first couple of days of the challenge were a nightmare at work! So reasonably plesed so far as this week has been riddled with problems whether that be not getting my meals in on time or missing them and having to double up. I've also had quite an epic cheat day 2 days into the challenge starting so not a bad effort really. I'd now probably expect to lose in the region of 2lbs per week now which should leave me at around 170lbs by the challenge end.

    Starting weight:196lbs
    Current weight: 191.5lbs

  10. Man that's great, you've already dropped 4lbs this week. You should be in great shape by the time your vacation rolls around.

  11. Subbed, I've used Tauro Test last year and lost a fair amount of BF so interested to see how it works with BULLK.

    As you say most of the 4lbs loss will be water weight but it's always nice to lose a decent amount in the first week to give you encouragement to stick to the diet.

    How about the next picture updates with a decent paper

  12. Hey cheers guys, thanks for jumping onboard my log. I'm assuming at least 2lbs of my 4lbs is water weight and this coming week will be the real tell as if I lose 2lbs and keep this consistent I'll know I'm not burning too much muscle mass away if any. I'll be taking update pictures every 2 weeks so I might just throw them up here so you guys can analyse my progress in a bit more detail. Thanks again for the comments much appreciated!


    Trained chest and Bi's this afternoon, after a few heavy days of cardio I opted to rest my calves but they'll be getting a battering on Sunday when I train legs. Here's how the session went, again felt really strong and despite not having much food before hand (I usually train at night) had loads of energy, could have easily gone on for another hour!

    Flat Dumbell Chest Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Weighted Press-Ups:
    [email protected]+15kg, [email protected]+20kg, [email protected]+25kg, [email protected]+30kg

    Incline Dumbell Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Overhead Cable Curl:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Single Arm Cable Curl:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    EZ Barbell Curl:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Workout done, biceps were really pumped after this session and impressed myself with weighted press ups, the most I've had on my back and pressed for reps before, beat my training partner by 10kg aswell which was a morale boost and I weigh about 20kg more than he does! No cardio tonight as I've had a couple of heavy days at it but I'll fit some in Sunday, I'm determined to get a fasted jog in Sunday AM we'll see if it happens, decided to lie in this morning and catch up on some sleep so no fasted run this morning. This needs to happen!...

  14. :UPDATE:

    Firstly apologies for the lack of interaction here folks but my PC has once again been struck down which means I'm finding it very difficult to get online and update. I think I last updated on thursday or Friday and work was really getting the better of me. Since then I've had 4 days off work and caught up on a ton of sleep and I'm feeling a lot more relaxed until I go back to work tomorrow lol. The diet has slipped slightly over the past week whether that be not getting meals in on time due to work or sleeping too much and missing meals. However, it's not all bad. Currently sitting at 184.5lbs and I'm feeling much leaner than I was 4 weeks ago. I've had a couple of really good session in the gym this week and aim to get in on Sunday to train legs. Despite the diet not being 100% I'm still lifting really big which I'm putting down to the Tauro-Test/BULLK cycle I'm currently running. whilst dieting last year I got stronger which is whats happening this year, however, I feel really charged through my workouts and there's no sign of lethargy which is what you would expect on a low carb diet. The first two weeks I lost a big chunk of weight but it has since slowed to a steady loss of 2lbs per week. I drop the BULLK and introduce Shreddabull, Anabolic Designs highly potent fat burner and am expecting this loss of 2lbs per week to continue right the way through to challenge end where I should be sat at around 170-175lbs. Visually I look bigger despite losing nearly a stone in weight. Ab's aren't out yet but I have a good shape breaking through and would expect to see some action in the mid-section in the next few weeks. 6pack by BodyPower? Let's hope so. I'll endeavour to get on and post mroe as I'm hoping my PC will be sorted by the end of the week if not it'll be shell out for a new one or opt for a laptop. thanks to all those still tuning in, more to come soon.

  15. Sounding good so far. I know from my experience with Tauro Test it was very forgiving if your diet isn't 100%.

  16. It's definetly helping me shed fat and harden up, the BULLK has helped with strength focus and aggression in the gym as well. I'll be introducing Shreddabull alongisde Tauro-test as of tomorrow so this is where the ripping starts. 8 weeks time and I expect to be in single digit bodyfat readings. Stay tuned folks

  17. Lookin good man!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by warren1987 View Post
    It's definetly helping me shed fat and harden up, the BULLK has helped with strength focus and aggression in the gym as well. I'll be introducing Shreddabull alongisde Tauro-test as of tomorrow so this is where the ripping starts. 8 weeks time and I expect to be in single digit bodyfat readings. Stay tuned folks
    Nice. Looking forward to this Warren.
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  19. -UPDATE-

    Another poor start to the week from me. The bank holidays certainly haven't played in my favour as I've either been working or the gym is only open for a few hours. Diet is being stuck to as best I can but I'm honestly struggling to eat whilst at work. I'm finding I'm going to work with 6 meals and coming back home with 1 or 2 on a bad day. I just don't have the time to sit down and eat a meal. I'm going to look into a liquid diet for work and maybe take a wrap and 3 or 4 shakes. This isn't ideal and I'd like a bit of feedback on this idea as this is going to be more feasible to do than eat at work. I realise my log has turned into a bit of a downer and I seem to be moaning about work all the time so let's liven it up a bit. Despite all the stress and hardship of life at the moment I'm still leaning up. Have noticed my arms chest and mid-section are looking leaner which is a positive as I've not done any cardio for a week due to time constraints at the gym and the gym not being open etc. Really looking forward to my week off the week after next so I can get some quality rest and training time. Shredabull is really helping with energy as I'm still full of beans first thing in the morning even when I'm up at 4am to get into work I can still leg it round like a madman. Like last year I'm still as strong cutting as I am whilst bulking and this has to be linked to the Tauro-test and it is helping me harden up. I think without these two products I would probably have just wasted away into nothingness by now. Anyway that's all from me, get ready for some positive input, thanks for stopping by

  20. Well, well, well... what a great end to a half decent week. What's that you say? Positive stuff in Warren's log? No! It can't be...he must be high! Yes high on the lovely cafeine in my coke zero but in all seriousness it's been a good week. Lack of sleep is the only factor currently killing me. Training at the start of the week was none existent but as I've had a couple of early finishes towards the latter end of the week I've made it to the gym twice and tomorrow I'll be going to destroy legs, something I've not done for a couple of weeks. Last night I trained shoulders and it was awesome. 65kg a side on shoulder press followed up by 70kg standing military press. No hint of a shoulder injury so I hit it hard. 65kg a side is an all time PB for 4 reps as well so could really have gone heavier. Got 15minutes of cardio in on the cross trainer after my session and really want to get this in more consistently. I'm starting to lean out but still have some stubborn bottom ab fat which I'm keen to get rid of. The TRANSFORM stack is still keep me charged throughout the day and muust have got me through last nights session and then some. After a 14 hour day I was not expecting to shoulder press nearly twice my bodyweight! I have a couple of days off now so it's some much needed R&R. I've started to settle into work and it's not all mad mad rush rush as I've managed to get my rota's pretty spot on so onwards and upwards as they say, let's finish this challenge strong!

  21. Training this afternoon wasn't as good as I'd expected it to be. After waking late (which I needed) I pottered about the house and was just generally feeling quite lazy. By the time I got to the gym I only had 30mins before it closed so I had to train smart. Squats are still a big weakness for me and just can't seem to get the weight up. It's 100% my technique and really need somebody to scrutinise this so that I can start hammering my legs in this area. Anyway enough crying, the session:

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] I supersetted squats with:

    Standing Calf raises:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Hamstring Curls:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Leg Extension:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] after the 4th set I decided to drop the weight and run the rack, legs were burning after this!

    Forearm curl:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    5minutes on the bike just to loosen my legs up a bit, workout done!

  22. -UPDATE-

    Just typed this and the bloody laptop deleted it grrrrr!!!

    Anyway, not much to report. Although I've only lowered calories by about 200 this week it's hit my body hard and I'm feeling really hungry all the time. Weird how such a small change can make a dramatic difference to my appetite. I'm hoping to have a lost a bit on tomorrows weigh in although I won't be too bummed if I haven't as work has been really busy again this week. Will be training tomorrow evening and again saturday morning before work so will have more to update then. I have a week off work next week and am really looking forward to catching up on my rest. Will be looking into a liquid meal plan for when I'm at work as eating is still quite difficult. MRP's could be the way forward and I'm looking at trying NAR Products MRP on recommendation. Only other thing to note is I have some painful twinges in my middle back and bottom of my neck. I can only put this down to fatigue but I was in quite a bit of pain after work yesterday. Hopefully my time off will put this niggle to bed. More to come tomorrow after weigh in and training. Stay tuned...

  23. -UPDATE- (about bloody time I hear the masses cry!)

    So, I've got this week off work and I'm currently loving it. Slept like a baby on Sunday night for 12 hours and again had a really sound 8 hours sleep so I'm feeling refreshed relaxed and full of life. All my meals have been eaten on time and it's just making a real pleasent change to running round a shop like a headless chicken not being able to sit down to eat or drink. Anyway enough ranting. I was let down by an old gym partner yesterday so didn't make training yesterday, lesson well and truly learnt there, get yourself reliable people to workout with! Anyway to today, had my regular partner to train with and we hit chest and bi's and I threw in some calves for good measure. Here's how it went:

    Flat Dumbell Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Incline DB Press:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Weighted Press Up's:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Cable Flyes:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    DB Preacher Curl:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    DB Hammer Curls:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Standing Calf Raises:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Finished off with 15minutes on the treadmill at 4.5mph no incline. Nice and steady just to get the heart rate going, I'm going to get some morning cardio in this week and hopefully carry this into next week then if I build up a good momentum. Really enjoyed this mornings session despite being a little lethargic from not training for 5 or 6 days. Feeling good about this week in general as I've got a great opportunity to rest up and get some good food down me. Chowed down on a turkey and avocado wrap after the session and have to say I'm loving the avocado as an addition for some EFA's gives the wrap a nice texture just needs a pinch of salt and pepper and it'll be perfect! Keep training hard guys, I'm back in the race!

  24. Alls looking well in here Warren.
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  25. Thanks Mick, just need to get the ab's out in the next couple of weeks and I'll be happy!


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