1. Question Stevia?

    I've been meaning to ask this. The first flavor I tried a few months back was Chocolate Isolate. It was sweetened with Sucralose. The taste was just OK. The last 20 lbs of so I've bought have been Cinnamon Bun Isolate. The label states it is sweetened with Stevia. The flavor is freaking amazing. Have you switched all flavors to Stevia, or are you still using Artificial Sweeteners?


  2. I don't really think you can compare stevia and sucralose with two different flavors.

  3. I'm not comparing.. I'm wondering if the change to Stevia is a recent one and is it for all products or just a select few? I don't see it listed on their website at all.

  4. ATW has always used stevia with CB

  5. Hmmm... well the sample of cinnabun isolate I got said sucralose on it. Still taste good though .

  6. The sample label is now fixed thanx for the info.


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