ATW Discount Code for AM

  1. ATW Discount Code for AM

    Marcam - Free Shipping OR
    Marcam12 - 12% discount

    You can only use one code per order. Please Mention AM in the comment section when ordering, also why not ask for a sample of something you haven't tried as well?

    Mentioning AM and using codes above helps to higher your discount as a group in the future and gets you priority shipping.

    AM you have made us have an awesome year!! Call and ask for Marc and you will get 12% off and free shipping. You can email me as well!!

    Train Well,

    Marcus Dell

  2. Does the free shipping apply to hawaii as well?

  3. does it apply to any product i order??
  4. Tae

    Quote Originally Posted by taeyeub View Post
    does it apply to any product i order??
  5. Larue

    Quote Originally Posted by larue38462 View Post
    Does the free shipping apply to hawaii as well?
    What we do for Hawaii and Alaska customers is we put it in a bag so it fits in a flat rate box. If you do not mind your product in a bag; then yes we can cover your shipping no worries. Just put in the comment section that you want your product shipped in a bag via USPS.

  6. It shows both discounts in checkout. Will it take one of them off once the order is recieved??

  7. Yes accounting will take then one that saves you more, and void the other code out.

  8. Marcam12 is not workin for me?

    Whats the deal justcurious is it no longer use-able?


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