ATW "Maltodextrin" $8.95 per 5lb

  1. ATW "Maltodextrin" $8.95 per 5lb

    Maltodextrin is technically classified as a carb complex because of the number of dextrose chained together, it is digested almost nearly as fast as dextrose, but it is much lower on the GI index, making it a perfect choice for sustained liquid energy.
    Both Maltodextrin and Dextrose have fast digestion rates. ATW has these carbs available for AM Members for $8.95 per 5lbs w/ free shipping.

    Train Well,

    Marcus Dell

  2. Should we just PM you to purchase some?
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. I'll be getting paid within the next week. Count me in on this!

  4. How and where do I order?
  5. Call Me or I can send you a pay pal invoice

    Quote Originally Posted by Saurabh View Post
    How and where do I order?
    Call Me or PM me. Thanx

  6. Ahh thats why I cant find it on your site!
  7. Red

    Quote Originally Posted by RedwolfWV View Post
    Ahh thats why I cant find it on your site!
    Ok I just put carbs up on our homepage.

  8. i need carbs


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