So whats happening with all the whey?

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    They use to be my official protein supplier and I placed HUGE orders with them.. I mean up to 150lbs at a time, their warehouse is only 40 minutes from my house. Since raisng there prices, I just simply can't afford them anymore, when there in stock at nutraplanet, I buy there stuff, provided the flavors I want are in stock!

    Def good stuff, wish they didnt raise but I know they have to with the economy.
    Im thinkin somethings up. You cant find their stuff on ebay,, nutraplanet, etc. Some of the sites that I used to buy ATW from dont even list them anymore.


  2. yeah i agree, i think there is a protein shortage going on

  3. After the lack of professional service as well as the complete disregard to even reply to simple questions that I directed ATW I've concluded that allthewhey is in serious need to unf!@# themselves, just because there is so called shortage going on shouldn't go hand and hand with the decline of bad service that has seemed to be so prevalent as of lately. I see plenty of supplement companies that have been hurting and most of them haven't gotten worse in dealing with the consumers.....Nutrapro for now on and that's it for me

  4. So if nutra has it in stock I should get it right? And not have to wait forever?

  5. whats up all......i was a big user of all the whey now cannot seem to get ahold of them which sucks, when they came on the scene they were very cheap and tasted awesome. Then they sold it to others and slowly went down hill. My question is what is a great tasting protein thats is affordable?

  6. I used to order their product more than anything else but then I got a few bad/weak batches and I stopped getting any response from their customer service.

  7. One word, Nutrapro.

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  9. I guess i should of read these posts before I placed an order a few weeks ago. My CC was charged promptly but still no product! No email response, no phones calls answered or returned. I was hoping they had a rep on here that could correct the problems, guess not.
    I would like a refund, or am I out a few bucks?



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