Anyone getting their orders or email replies?

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  1. Yay, my Jan 28th order finally shipped.

  2. A good idea...everyone should post when they originally ordered and when their order apparently shipped out. Maybe it will give an idea to those who have ordered around that date as well and should be hopefully expecting

  3. I'm looking at mine and the receipt for PayPal was dated on February 9th.

    Turns out it was only 1 box. So I'm still waiting on my box of casein. Called them before UPS dropped off the package and the guy who picked up said sometimes the UPS e-mail only shows the weight of 1 box even if more than 1 is coming.

    Guess I gotta wait til Monday to find out about the 2nd box.

    Edit: Just called them like 5 minutes ago. Phone was answered within 2-3 rings. Told them I received my order but only got half and the person on the phone mentioned the storm and the sale and how they underestimated the amount of orders it'd bring in and being backlogged due to the combination of two.

    So basically they sent out what they could and even though they didn't mention it, all the people who may have only received half of their order are still pending for the rest. (In my case I received my big ass box of whey and am still waiting on my box of casein.)



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