Anyone getting their orders or email replies?

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  1. I'm having trouble contacting them via the phone number on their website. 800-866-1970 just seems to place you in some sort of infibite menu loop.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Pilot View Post
    15lbs CinnamonBun, End of Jan.
    blend or isolate?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pctforeal View Post
    blend or isolate?

  4. hmm I ordered isolate as well around that time and 15lbs as well. So hopefully my order will be coming through very soon or else Im going to have to cancel. Almost at the end of what I have now and need to refill soon.

    Ive heard the blend wasnt an issue getting out and it was the isolate that was held up. Apparently a delivery of isolate was to be made and didnt reach the warehouse....true or not I dont know. Probably not as they'll tell you anything but I hope things are turning.

    Did you recieve a shipment email or it just arrived? I recieved the confirmed purchase and was charged so...

  5. guys, just bear in mind that there still are some flavors available at NP in both Isolate and Blend
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  7. Good to see Nutra some back in stock. I know I'll definitely be purchasing from there from now on, after the delays I've seen go down this winter.

    Note to anyone thinking of buying... and I've said this in other threads but it must be known since I see it in stock... "Delicious Peanut Butter" = awful. The worst tasting protein I've ever had. I actually ended up throwing my 5 lb tub away into the dumpster. I'd rather lose out on the money i spent on it than attempt to choke that garbage down, it's that bad.

  8. Update from ATW's weekly newsletter that came out today:

    Order Update
    Thank you for your patience. We've had a fourth snow storm affecting deliveries needed to get your orders filled. We have put on extra shifts and are working round the clock at this point to manufacture and send out all of your orders. You will get a tracking number. An email will be sent to you. Your order is not lost. If we hadn't more snow than the Arctic Circle you would be happily sipping your protein right now. Our apologies.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by buuzer0 View Post
    "Delicious Peanut Butter" = awful. The worst tasting protein I've ever had.
    Haha, well that's why I went with unflavored. :P Hope I don't regret it. Figured I'd give unflavored protein a try and do without the artificial sweeteners.

    If it's really that foul, I suppose I could try and throw in cocoa powder for flavoring.

    I wonder if Nutraplanet will offer bulk discounts on protein though.

  10. Don't get me wrong though, every other flavor I've tasted from All The Whey has been good. I've bought 2lbs or more of Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Banana, Cupcake Batter, Vanilla, Egg Nog, and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, and I've sampled peppermint, Chocolate Mint, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla which were all good.

    The best description of plain "delicious peanut butter" that I saw and agree with was that it tasted like "burnt toast with peanut butter on it".

  11. I hear ya, I've read some other people seemed to really like their peanut butter before, but then the last few batches of it has gone downhill.

    I still have part of a 5lb jug of their cupcake batter whey that is pretty decent tasting for protein powder.

  12. I really enjoyed the PB flavor myself, although CPBC is my personal favorite
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  13. CPBC (chocolate peanut butter cup) is one of my favorites too, and for me it's only been surpassed by Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (basically cookies and cream).

    When did you buy your plain peanut butter AE14? Was it isolate or blend?

    I bought mine from nutra in january and it was isolate.

  14. When it first came out. I got it i n Isolate. I liked it, but I am always partial to anything pb
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  15. Well I just got an e-mail from them with my UPS tracking number around 5:45PM EST.

    Scheduled Delivery: 05-March-2010

    I'm in northern VA so it's pretty nice that it's reaching me so damn fast lol.

    The thing is though, the weight listed on the shipment is only half of what I ordered. Doesn't really mention if it's going to be my casein or whey though so I'll probably have to call them up tomorrow to find out if they'll have my other box ready to go soon.

  16. Yay, my Jan 28th order finally shipped.

  17. A good idea...everyone should post when they originally ordered and when their order apparently shipped out. Maybe it will give an idea to those who have ordered around that date as well and should be hopefully expecting

  18. I'm looking at mine and the receipt for PayPal was dated on February 9th.

    Turns out it was only 1 box. So I'm still waiting on my box of casein. Called them before UPS dropped off the package and the guy who picked up said sometimes the UPS e-mail only shows the weight of 1 box even if more than 1 is coming.

    Guess I gotta wait til Monday to find out about the 2nd box.

    Edit: Just called them like 5 minutes ago. Phone was answered within 2-3 rings. Told them I received my order but only got half and the person on the phone mentioned the storm and the sale and how they underestimated the amount of orders it'd bring in and being backlogged due to the combination of two.

    So basically they sent out what they could and even though they didn't mention it, all the people who may have only received half of their order are still pending for the rest. (In my case I received my big ass box of whey and am still waiting on my box of casein.)


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