Does ATW want to take my order - 2days now....

  1. Does ATW want to take my order - 2days now....

    Generally I would do an order online but the sticky said to call for dextrose/maltodextrin.

    I have to say that trying to place a simple order has never taken so long from anywhere. I called Tuesday @ 12:30PM, spoke to a female and she said everyone was out to lunch and to call back in 1 hour. When I called back a male answered and after I informed him about the promo for AM members, he put me on hold for 5 minutes and returned to the line to say that I need to speak to Dorian since he handles these accounts and he would pass my info to him for a callback. It was 4:30PM and I did not receive a phone call, so I called back and the same male answered to inform me Dorian left for the day and he would now put a note on your desk.

    Now Wednesday, I did not hear anything so I called @ 3:00PM and spoke to Dorian finally and he didn't know about the products your company sells and had to check something next door and would call me back 10 minutes later. It was 4:30PM and I heard nothing yet again so I called and the same male said Dorian left for the day and at this point said to email him.

    I thought your company was in business to sell products to the consumer and generate a profit but I am uncertain about this. If this is a result of you no longer honoring a promo then it should be removed from the AM site, if you do not sell the products anymore then it should be removed from your site,

    Please respond and let me know what the hold up is, so we can move forward with this order or I can move on to do business elsewhere.

    The products are listed under weight gainer on the all the whey website and the price is in the sticky in this forum. What gives?

  2. Try to contact Marcus, he's always been solid for me.

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  3. I've only dealt with ATW twice and both times left a sour taste in my mouth (no pun intended). And now with the ridiculous price increase, I think I'm done with ATW. Except for their espresso isolate which is still competitively priced. Make sure you order a month in advanced though because their 7 day maximum turnaround really means 30 days maximum turnaround.

  4. They would have lost my business after the lady said 'call back in one hour'

  5. They lost my business for good. Once I finish my plastic tasting vanilla blendI am done...can't wait for my dymatize to come in from nutra!

    I ended up paying a few bucks more for the malto from nutra but the service is worth it...imagine trying to track down someone just to place a order???? Where's the customer

    The only reason I contacted them was because of the stickies still in the forum...they are not valid promo's and should not be there...nor should ATW in my eyes.



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