Anyone else ever have problems communicating with ATW?

  1. Anyone else ever have problems communicating with ATW?

    I've emailed, left phone messages, even spoke with ATW reps twice on the phone, and even PMed Marc ATW here to ask why my order has not shipped, and it's now 10 days since I placed the order. No response or call backs as promised. This is my second time ordering from ATW and both times shipping was delayed. This time thought I can't even get a response.

    Anyone else ever have this problem with ATW?

  2. I've only had one experience contacting them and it was fine. It had been like a week and I hadn't received a tracking number for my order, so I called them and asked what was up and it turned out their system that sends out the numbers was ****ed up and he said it should be coming any day now. My protein came the next day I think. I actually had the same situation with my most recent order - I never got a tracking number or confirmation that it shipped, but my protein was here in like eight days I think.

  3. I only one issue in the past with ATW where I had to contact them but It was quickly handled by Nutraplanet.

  4. Yes...I think a deaf mute can provide better service over the phone. At least I will get no response vs. bs....I am done with them.

    I tried for 6 days straight to place a order...that is give them my money and they wouldn't take funny is that? nutra took it without question, gave me a discount and already shipped it out...

  5. I've had great communication with them. They even replaced my 25lb bag of protein that I believe the flavor got ****ed up when they made it, not enough sweeteners or something.

  6. The last few times I've tried to contact someone at ATW via e-mail I have not received a response, so I'm not sure what's up there.

  7. I had an issue with a couple of batches awhile back (the plastic taste...) anyway, I called up ATW and had tremendous service by Steve, the guy seriously came through for me - I recommend trying to get him if you're finding the other reps difficult.

    Best of luck,


  8. Never dealt with the customer service however I am not impressed with the rep, I was inquiring on samples and what flavors are the best sellers....never got a reply and I asked 3 times in a span of 2 months.....

  9. When I first started purchasing directly from ATW they seemed to have pretty great customer service but in the last six to nine months it has really gone downhill.


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