Batch texture and flavor consistancy

  1. Batch texture and flavor consistancy

    Me and my GF ordered 2 tubs Whey Complex. I got Vanilla and she got Chocolate. Heres was quite fine and mine was of a more clumpy texture. Flavor for heres was pretty strong and spot on, mine was a bit lacking in flavor but was very very tolerable.

    We just ordered 2 more. I got Peanut Butter and she has Banana. Here flavor is once again pretty decent, a little weak. Mine however is off, by a large margin. It has about 1% PB taste and alot of plastic and just that flavorless flavor(i know...i know...)

    Im wondering if theres a reason texture varied? I have noticed different textures of protein in the past but will reserve which i noticed where.
    The flavors, do you guys know the flavors are off and if so could you please look into it.
    Im assuming that even though there was a difference in texture that the nutrition facts are the same, no difference in carbs,fats, etc simply because its the same product.


  2. I got some peanut butter isolate and was very disappointed in the isolate. Don't know if this is how it's supposed to taste or not, but it's not sweet and very bland tasting. Doesn't even smell good like the normal all the whey proteins I have ordered before.

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