Anyone ever got bad batches?

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  1. No point on buying it, what other brand gets "bad batches" of protein?

    Ill stick to a brand that delivers everytime
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  2. Not sure about bad batches, but after moving away from ATW as my main protein source I am getting better results. I don't think the blend is good enough to use as your main protein. Just my opinion though. There are better, more complete proteins out there for less money. Do your research. ATW is great for smoothies though

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    Damn man, sorry to hear that you got bad PB too. You'll see I've been vocal in a couple other threads about how bad that batch of PB I got was. There really does seem to be a consistant problem with their plain PB flavor. The stuff is pretty much undrinkable and making a shake with it tastes like burnt toast with bland peanut butter drenched with water. If I were you I wouldn't even bother with trying to finish it... I introduced my bad batch to the dumpster. Glad I only had one 5lb tub of it. Their other flavors have never disappointed me, but that one is a definite loser.
    Yeah its HORRIBLE. Pretty good explanation of what it tastes like. I can put 1/4 to 1/2 a scoop in with some chocolate and get it down. At this rate the PB flavor will be ruining shakes for me for about the next year! I may drop it in the trash and let the rats at the dump get jacked. I ordered a tub of nutraplanet whey, we'll see how it goes.

  4. Oh dam, didn't realize theirs was out.

    Yeah dude, I tried choking down the PB stuff... tried mixing half with their ice cream sandwich flavor, and it still overpowered it. Tried adding chocolate syrup, still nasty. I really think you're better off giving it to the rats, drinking it for a year is just torturing yourself!


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