hit and miss flavors, im still buying

  1. hit and miss flavors, im still buying

    right now im drinking my first 2 scoops of chocolate mint and i got another winner, the mint is hella strong and i love it. but.... right next to is my 4 bag CPBC and i got one with that nasty chem after taste. goood freaken protein don't get me wrong and ill keep buying it but i don't like the hit and miss. what causes this it was the same thing with my cimma bun and CCB?

  2. I would also like to know

  3. Just got a bad batch of the delicious Peanut Butter, don't get me wrong its still my favorite flavor from ATW. What is the reason behind the hit or miss?

  4. Is the flavor tasting bad or some PB tastes bad and some PB batches taste good?

  5. I tried chocolate peanut butter cup for the first time this year and I'm almost done with my bag. Really good stuff and I wouldn't mind buying it again (or trying plain peanut butter) but I keep seeing reports of some people getting batches that have the weird chemical taste. Luckily I've never experienced it, but it does make me wary.

    I don't think I've seen any ATW reps comment on it yet either.



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