Does ATW have casein & whey blend?

  1. Does ATW have casein & whey blend?

    To ATW reps:

    Do you guys have pure protein blend, something with 50% casein & 50% whey? I've browsed through your website, but can't seem to find any....


  2. Milk protein isolate would be close to that. They are out of stock though.

  3. Lean & Fit is a whey/casein blend, but I don't know the ratio. The site isn't updated yet to reflect the recent addition of casein.

  4. Isn't Milk Protein Isolate 80% casein and 20% whey?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Isn't Milk Protein Isolate 80% casein and 20% whey?


  6. LEAN AND FIT IS 50% ISO AND 50% MC. Great question!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Marcus ATW View Post
    LEAN AND FIT IS 50% ISO AND 50% MC. Great question!!!

    I think i will be trying this product soon....
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  8. Is the lean & fit currently being sold by Nutraplanet at introductory pricing the same formula? I know you guys recently changed the L&F to include micellar casein, but wasn't sure if the stuff Nutraplanet is selling was the new formula or the old formula. Does Nutraplanet's L&F have MC?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Marcus ATW View Post
    Are you sure? I just ordered 5 x 5lb Lean & Fit from Nutraplanet and they canceled my order when I asked them to confirm that they were sending the new version with 50/50 whey and MC blend.

    Hello Dwayne. Unfortunately this version only has whey in it. I canceled
    the order for you and refunded the card.
    This should post in 2-5 business days. Take care friend.

    Peaceful Journey


    I really had my heart set on on using the Lean & Fit starting this Monday on a version of the velocity diet. I did the research, got all psyched up and thought I ordered early enough to get started. Too bad the new version of this stuff is so hard to get anywhere.

    Marc, please let the powers in charge at ATW know that they are losing business by not having products in stock and ready to ship faster. I know 1 or 2 weeks isn't a terribly long time to wait for stuff but in the internet age and especially to someone that want sto get started losing weight, it feels like a lifetime.

    I know you were very responsive regarding my order with ATW earlier this week and they should be appreciative of your attention to customer service. They owe it to you as a representative to have some inventory in stock so you can sell it and get it out the door quickly.

    I wanted to give ATW a try and after placing 2 orders this week, one with ATW and one with Nutraplanet I am still not successful at getting enough to start a version of the Velocity Diet with the confidence of not running out.

    I don't mean to bash, I just want the higher ups at ATW to know how frustrated I am and unfortunately I need to continue my research and hope to find something suitable locally so I can get started on Monday. Ugh.

  10. I was told my lean n fit had 50% MC / 50% Whey Isolate even though it's not on the label.

    Is this true?

  11. Yes, This Is True Your Order Was Perfect

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Marcus ATW View Post
    Yes, This Is True Your Order Was Perfect

    No doubt, I have my jug sitting right here.

    Check it out:

    1 scoop vanilla L and F
    1/2cup hoods and 1/2 cup water
    2 TEASPOON Natty PB, salted, smooth blend
    10 / 11 ice cubes

    Blend that up, and tell me it's not filling.

    It's only 140ish calories, and 20 grams of protein.
    Filling fiber and fats included.


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