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  1. I have been giving updates.... ??? I don't do before n after pics btw.... It was never asked of me or I wouldn't of agreed to it, as I wrote in my last post I was sick the prior week-9days and only got in 3 maybe 4 workouts. This past week it lingered till Tuesday, after that I felt good, I have been having minor strength gains (which is great for pct), I started HIIT cardio last week 20 mins (on the elyptical) and 20 minute just walking sessions on the treadmill. Stamina is definitely up, I need less rest between sets, mood is better which I attribute to much better sleep, calories are going to be lowered starting Monday, yet I have still leaned out. My injuries aren't as prevalent and if I do happen to tweak something, it doesn't linger nearly as long. I am almost certain nail growth has increased (grows quicker) Apparently I was dosing it wrong for the first 2 weeks (the HGH patch) I thought it was every 5days while djbombsquad said every 2-3 days was the way to go, so I have been doing that and hopefully soon start to see the results of that, and leaning out more starting next week with a caloric deficit and 3x cardio per week. I also have been recovering faster from my workouts, which is surprising especially since they are just as intense as when I was on

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    zinc and vitamin c cancel each other if taken simultaneously, but you probably know that. so whats in the HGH patches that they call HGH, I am very curious.
    Somanatropin.... And I take Vit C throughout the day and zinc at night when I am sick, Normally I just take an additional 2-3G of Vit C day + what's in my multi/other sups....

  3. Just got done with one of the most stressful weeks of my life. 5 Family members either were rushed to the ER/Hospital, one died, I had a funeral on Thursday, Friday my brother gets in a crazy car accident (Pics Below) and somehow comes out of it with just scratches/bruising. I stayed at my parents from Friday/Sunday, and I ate like an absolute pig. In fact last week in general I feel like I went off track diet and training wise, and the week, week and half before that I was sick and got in a few so-so workouts. So far this week I have had 2 great workouts. I set out a specific goal not to eat one cheat snack let alone meal for the next month, and make sure I do something productive (make progress) fitness and life related every day for the next 30 days. I am in a way glad I got thrown off track, because I have comeback VERY focused, and re-motivated... One thing I have to mention, is that during this time period where my diet wasn't on par, and my training was at about 60% of what's acceptable to me, I didn't gain much if any BF, which I have to attribute to the patches. I usually gain fat on the slightest of deviations on my diet, I am very sensitive to eating like crap, I gain weight very easily (a gift and a curse). Anyways this week I fully am in cut mode, 3x a week HIIT cardio (20-30 mins) and 2x walking 20-25 minutes. So hopefully now the fat starts pouring off!!

    Here are the pics from the accident, and keep in mind just scratches and bruising (A guy blew a stop sign, hit the back end of the car, the car flipped 4-5x....

  4. Hope every one is okay.
    Keep it up . Start strong, finish strong.
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Hope every one is okay.
    Keep it up . Start strong, finish strong.
    Everything is ok, thanks.

    *Once the water weight/bloat I put on from eating like crap for a few days went away, it seems I didn't gain any BF and possibly even lose some.

    ****** I had an epiphany this morning!! ******

    I realized the nights I take the fat loss patch I don't get an urge to eat late night, which is one of my issues when it comes to cutting... In fact it's the ONLY time I really am ever tempted to eat in excess... Last night was a night I didn't use the fat loss patch and I was hunggggrryyyy..... I was actually UNDER my calories for the day (not by much), anyways I had a protein bar (low carb/0 carb) and a few slices of fat free cheese (5-6g protein is the only macro in each slice) so I didn't go over my calories and didn't go crazy by any means. It just dawned on me this morning that it's that fat loss patches, and I assume the Garcinia in it is what prevents my late night hunger, which is HUGE to me.... It's not a stimmed out appetite suppressing feeling, it's not a "artificial full" appetite suppressing, I am just not hungry which is the optimal way, especially before bed.

    I have had 3 great workout since Sunday, I had a scheduled rest day yesterday, today I am back, ready to rock and roll. This is the best I have felt in a while (fitness and exercise wise)....

  6. Very nice.
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  7. After getting back on track with my diet, and my training after that 2.5 week stretch, the fat loss has really accelerated. I am sure some of its due to the fact that I have been taking the GH patches long enough now to start to see it's benefits work, and because my diet and training have been SPOT on. Where I am noticing the fat lost the most? Surprisingly my arms, shoulders, and waist. My pants have gotten looser which is an obvious sign of fat loss, but I am more pleased with whats going on in my shoulders/arms. I am starting to notice more definition in my shoulders and arms. Someone asked me, are your arms getting bigger? I said they shouldn't be...? They said but you can see more muscle now.... (Typical person who confuses lower bf% and more definition as having "more muscle") but I will take that compliment all day. I have also been able to add some diversity to my workouts. I have had many injuries, they started when I was a teen. Some I can think of off the bat (no particular order in severity) is lower back, shoulder/rotator cuff, knee, elbow tenderness, and strain from my forearm to my Bicep. They are nagging injuries, and they always (they used to at least) would interfere with me being able to do everything I wanted to do in the gym. Although my lower back still acts up when I do certain things, or if I have bad form on a set, the other injuries have really been minimized and have allowed me more versatility in the gym. I know in the potential benefits of the power patch, recovery/injury recovery was listed... I can confirm, without a doubt in my mind that it has certainly aided me in this regard. Another aspect has been the great sleep I have gotten. Ever since I have switched it to every 3 days my sleep has been absolutely phenomenal in terms of quality and how I feel when I wake up. I don't feel groggy at all, I feel so refreshed from sleep, this has always been an issue for me. Falling asleep, staying asleep, and quality of sleep and the powerpatch has certainly aided me in this regard.

  8. Very nice. My gf likes the patches too. She's on day 10th day and can't complain
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  9. Diet still dialed in? If you need help PM me.
    Ageforce rep, Provider of high quality, patch delivered supplementation.
    Follow my 8 week log:

  10. Quote Originally Posted by sheepdog.tx View Post
    Diet still dialed in? If you need help PM me.
    Diet is very dialed in, Infact I did what I normally don't do (weigh myself...) for the simple fact that if the numbers aren't what I like them to be..... However in about 3 1/2- 4 weeks time I have dropped 13-14lbs... I know some is water weight (I assume 5-7 lbs of that is) but that's still 1.5-2lbs a week without any detriment to my strength. Going to be going into the final 3ish week stretch, hopefully the fat loss continues!

  11. I also TBH, could've added an additional day of cardio per week, as it stands now I do it 2x week. I do high volume workouts (8-12 rep range usually 10-12 reps) so I burn quite a few cals while lifting, but I am thinking about incorperating either an additional 15 mins of HIIT cardio, or 30-35 mins walking on treadmill per week. Sorry about the gaps in updates, I am going back to school (after 7yrs) and have been looking for an apartment with no luck, and all the other stuff that comes with going back to college lol. Actually come to think of it, I will be doing Volleyball an hr a week as one of my classes so there is some extra cardio rite there.

  12. Very nice!!!
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  13. Ughhhhhh Ive been sick with what I assume is a Sinus infection for the last 10 days now ... I have been on antibiotics the last 4-5 days, and am starting to feel better. I start school tomorrow (of course I don't get sick for months, and I get sick rite before I go back to school for the first time in 6-7 years ) lol.... HOPEFULLY I don't miss much more time in the gym, hopefully I can start working out again no later than Wednesday....

  14. You should take some Nutriferon . That works really well when your sick or about to get sick .
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  15. Ok, I was sick for about 10 days... During this time I had little to no appetite and if I did eat It was quite dirty... I thought for SURE my strength/stamina would take a decent decline. As I have now gotten a few workouts back in, my strength is relatively the same, and I am down another 3+lbs! I have finished the HGH Power Patches and the Omega/Coq-10 patches, I have about 2 weeks worth of that fat loss patch left. My goal is to lose no less than another 3lbs by the completion of this log!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    You should take some Nutriferon . That works really well when your sick or about to get sick .
    What is Nutriferon exactly?

  17. look At their video.
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.


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