Anyone around for Ageforce

  1. Anyone around for Ageforce

    Dont see much buzz on the board about ageforce. Just wondering if anyone is using their stuff and if there has been results worth talking about?????
    NOT an IFORCE rep, but their new VMS Protean is amazing. I also dropped 15lbs on the testabolan2 and rev2 stack last month.

  2. agefoce useage


    I have used a number of ageforce products for quite awhile now. Normally i dont validate anything unless I believe in it and it actually works. These products do both!! A little about me, i am 61 and a powerlifter. Through hard work and supplimentation I have repeated as world champion (WPC/AWPC) 6 times and set numerous state american and world records. I started lifting at 50. I said all that not to boast but hopefully to yield some credability. Ageforce offers patches of non steroidal suppliments such as testtosterone, hgh, energy, creatine, DHEA, and many more I have not tried but heard good things about. Several years ago i contacted ageforce as age was creeping up on me and taking much from me. There ntest gave me more test and confidence to keep going. The energy and NO patches are gold!! They have an energy patch that last for 10 hrs and it is great. The NO patch I did not realize how good it was until one day I forgot it and went to squat. Long story short it took me 2-3 times longer to recover per set. With it I do not suck air and am ready to go again within a minute or less. The second thing that has helped beyond belief is Coach wade Johnson, he has put me on new work outs wich has increased my poundage and definitely worked the kinks out of my form. He is reasonable , knowledgeable, and motivating. Give these two a look see or contact me if I can answer any questions.

  3. Bigbeef if you look in subforum theres alot of testimonials. I'm a Ageforce Rep if you got specifc questions and need help.
    Ageforce rep, Provider of high quality, patch delivered supplementation.
    Follow my 8 week log:

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