Raw Nationals

  1. Raw Nationals

    Just got back from APF nats where I had my worst meet of all. I am a 60 yr old master lifter with 10 yrs of competitions behind me. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. In my first two lifts i hit my openers only. . .I was really embaressed (cant spell either). I had form and breathing issues (my muck ups). Deads came along and I went 3 fo3 salvaging part of the day. I did manage to take first and set 4 world records and re4ceiving an invite ti WPC worlds.

    I would like to thank ageforce for all their assistance. Their bpatches are second to none and have allowed me to hit a 500 squat. Not bad for an aging old folks. Their suppliment work with patches is far superior to anytrhing I have ever tried and has given me an intensity and drive not known before. Thanks guys you ARE THE BEST. I urge all to check them out. . you wont be sorry.j

  2. Nice review my online friend. That's what we like to heAr.
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  3. What patches have you been using?


  4. Nice review. These patches are good stuff indeed.
    RecoverBro ELITE
  5. patches

    Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Nice review. These patches are good stuff indeed.
    I use the test, hgh and NO. The test I do really see or feel a difference personally, but do see the results in wt lifted and continued progress in same. The hgh allows me to sleep deeper and longer thus enhancing recovery and the NO allows me to do more fasteer. Again I do not really see/feel the difference until I dont take it. Then I treally notice it. I have not been disappointed with their products at all!



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