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  1. Wednesday: That last post was written on Wednesday night before bed. I ended up getting to sleep shortly after by 11:45. I opted to skip my morning Thursday class because of how lousy I was feeling, and I knew the extra sleep would do me well. I slept until about 10:00 am before waking up. So I ended up getting just over ten hours of sleep that night! I felt refreshed, but still was not feeling well. I wanted this extra sleep also because I knew I would not be sleeping much on Thursday night since some friends and I would begin traveling to Ohio for the Arnold later that night.

    Thursday: We left late Thursday night/early Friday morning for the Arnold. We left just after 1 am. We took my car just like last year, but one of my friends volunteered to do the first shift of driving since I basically drove the whole trip last year. He drove for a solid three and a half hours or so, and I was hoping to sleep the whole time. I of course did not use the patch because I did not know how I would feel in the event that I didn't get to sleep. I ended up only falling asleep for about 40 minutes tops. I then woke up, and began to drive shortly after. This 40 minutes (or less) of sleep would be all that I got Thursday night.
    Despite being up allllllll night, I actually felt alright at the expo Friday. We spent the entire day there, and had a ton of fun. There was actually one point towards the end where I literally blacked out. It was one of the strangest things I've ever experienced, and it was certainly a result of the all-nighter.

    Friday: The hotel was an absolute nightmare. It was some sh*tty Motel 8 near the convention center, but it was cheap as h3ll. My three friends and I all split the price so it ended up coming to about 13 dollars each for the night! ...But you get what you pay for, that is for sure! Holy crap I don't even care to explain how awful this place was. Let's just say I woke up Saturday morning with one eye crusted shot, which now has pink eye; and I woke up with a lost-voice. Like I basically could not speak for all of Saturday. It made for a few embarrassing moments at the Expo on Saturday, but whatever. (I did not wear the patch on Friday night either, just cuz I did not know the type of sleep I would be getting at the hotel).

    Saturday: We got home late Saturday night, as we came directly from the Expo. I ended up getting the patch on at 2:00 am, which is really late! I was asleep by 2:30, and I was hoping to catch up on some sleep. Like I was literally willing to sleep until 1:00 pm if I had to! However, I ended up waking up just before 11:00 am feeling wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep, but realized I had plenty of energy to start my day. I was feeling as though I was all caught up on my sleep today, until I hit a brick wall around 6:00 pm. I absolutely had to take a nap, like my body would not allow me to do anything but lay in bed. So I did just that. I probably ended up getting in a solid nap of at least an hour.

    I put tonight's patch on at 10:15 pm. I need to study for an anatomy quiz tomorrow, then I will be getting some sleep. I have an appointment tomorrow with a doctor who will be assessing the MRI of my injury which was imaged this past Wednesday. Hopefully he will help find a solution so that I can continue my usual bodybuilding style of giving it everything I've got. For now, I am continuing to work at less than full effort until I get my health back. Also, he will probably end up telling me that I need to do something about this pink eye and loss of voice issue haha so we will see what happens with that. I am usually pretty opposed to taking any pharmaceutical drugs, and I like to just let my body fix itself of sickness on its own, but he may convince me otherwise tomorrow. I should hopefully be able to write back tomorrow about my sleep tonight and how my energy level is. This is going to be an extremely busy week though, as it is mid-term week. Oh, and I forgot to mention, tomorrow I will move on to my last sheet of six patches. Sad that this is coming to an end, but certainly glad I have the patch all the way through midterm week. Stay tuned..... and sorry if there are any grammatical/spelling errors/typos; I just really don't feel like proof-reading this right now.

  2. I'm not sure when I ended up falling asleep, but I got up when my alarm went off at 7:30 am. I had been feeling alright all day up until now. I can feel myself about to crash soon, but I don't really have an option since I still have a class to go to later. I may end up training after class as well at 9:00, which is unusually late for me. I may just take a little bit of Craze now just to wake me the heck up.

  3. No patch tonight. This is the least of my concerns right now. Two exams and a quiz tomorrow... crap. Anatomy is going to annihilate me tomorrow morning. Oh well, better get some rest now.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ICJLM View Post
    No patch tonight. This is the least of my concerns right now. Two exams and a quiz tomorrow... crap. Anatomy is going to annihilate me tomorrow morning. Oh well, better get some rest now.
    Hope the test went alright! And enjoy the weekend bro!
    RecoverBro ELITE


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