Ageforce whats the deal with your customer service

  1. Ageforce whats the deal with your customer service

    Yesterday I emailed Ageforce to cancel my autoship order for their nitric oxide patch. The admin there caught a attitude and said that I only used it for 2-3 days at the most and that I couldn't possibly know by then if it works and said that I was just trying to get a free supplement. I never said there product sucked I just said it did not work for me. I trully do believe that I would know if it works in 2-3 days. You know from the very first day of use if nitric oxide was really boosted by how flushed and pumped you are during your workout. I have used numerous NO products and the ones that worked the best for me was NO SHOTGUN, STANO-STIM. They then told me that i AM NOW REMOVED FROM THEIR EMAIL SYSTEM. I was interested in their Testo patch but with their crappy customer service I won't be ordering again!!

  2. Well, I cant speak for their customer service being negative. All of my interactions were good. However, I never did the autoship and cancel it. I am not an autoship customer. I just order what I need when I need it. That being said, I am sure they got alot of autoship orders on teh nitro patch and were hoping to keep a lot of them, and I would imagine from the way it sounds, that a lot of people are or at least more people then they thought are cancelling. I had good experiences with their HGH Powerpatches, and I am using their Creatine/Beta patch now and so far so good. I am with you on the pre/post patch, I used it for a few days and did not experience what I am used to for a preworkout. Anyway, take care..SJ

  3. SJ thank you for replying on this matter.
    I have had a few other complaints as well and it seems that the problem was exactly that. They offer the free trial month as a way to show you they believe in their product, and would like to give everyone a fair chance to decide if its for them before they decide if they want to continue autoship or cancel. Only a couple days doesn't seem fair to them is basically what they are saying. On the other hand, I wouldn't sweat it too much, the message you received was automated.
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  4. Well, personaly I dont like to take anything for free, so if I got teh autoship and did not like a particular product, I would have cancelled to, but I prob would have given it the full month at least becuase ometimes products can take that long to work. Look at products like XFactor or Ursoblic, they might take a little longer to work rather then seeing results immediately. But when people are used to using preworkouts then work immediately, I can understand. Like when you used Jack3d, you feel it right away, and people would expect the same from this. But on a side note, there is no caffeine or stims so you really wont feel it right away. Anyway, take care..SJ

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