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    AgeForce® HGH Supplements from our USA-FDA certified labs
    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have created subject links below so that you can quickly navigate to the product FAQ’s that you are interested in. If you still have questions that have not been addressed or answered to your satisfaction, please call (305) 788-6604 10 AM–5:30 PM (EST) or send us an e-mail with your questions. We welcome your calls and you will always speak to someone from our company’s Research & Development division.

    General Information

    Why Is Made In The USA So Important? We have all read about counterfeit drugs, tainted milk products, poison pet food, and construction sheet rock, from Far Eastern countries, causing serious illness, allergic reactions, and in some cases, death. This is due, in large part, to the lack of rigid inspections by the manufacturing country, and poor quality control by the country that imports the product. We could purchase any number of HGH spray products from other countries at a fraction of what it costs us to manufacture in the United States. But we choose not to do this. To us, it is more important to manufacture in our own United States FDA certified labs, with formula ingredients that have been rigorously inspected and subjected to strict quality control at every level of production. That is how we can guarantee our product’s quality, effectiveness, and safety.
    Are Transdermal patches, or gels, better than capsules, tablets, or sub-lingual sprays? It all depends on the product formula and what part of the body you want to deliver the formula to. When we formulate a new product we focus on two primary goals. First, of course, is the formula itself. The second goal is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver the formula safely to one’s system. As you can see we have the capability to manufacture patches, gels, capsules, and sprays in our laboratories. We simply use the most appropriate delivery system for each product formula.
    Why don’t you offer PowerPatches and Testo/100 in an oral spray? Both of these product formulas are delivered more efficiently and with a lot more formula strength via transdermal patches. These formulas do not lend themselves to oral delivery.
    What About Bio-Availability with transdermal patches or gel? In the last 5-years, transdermal patch delivery for many prescriptive medicine and dietary supplements has become a preferred delivery method for health care and fitness professionals. There is good reason for this. Taken orally, (Pills, capsules, tablets, syrups) must contend with the powerful digestive enzymes and acids in saliva and throughout the digestive system, before they can enter the bloodstream. These enzymes and acids degrade a large percentage of the formula. On the other hand, transdermal delivery via special medical patches (and now transdermal gels) bypass the powerful digestive enzymes and acids, and enter the bloodstream directly via the tiny blood capillaries adjacent to the area the patch is worn or the gel is applied. Thus, direct delivery with no formula degradation. Bio availability – Transdermal patches and gels deliver supplement formulas over a period of time, thus giving one’s system adequate time to absorb and metabolize the formula ingredients. This increases the bio availability and strength of the formula dramatically! And, depending on the formula, the same formula levels are anywhere from 10 to 200 times stronger with transdermal delivery than with oral delivery. For example, 5mg of L-arginine delivered via transdermal patch, is the equivalent of 1,000mg of L-arginine taken orally!
    What does your group of 50 athletes do to evaluate AgeForce® products? We have an informal group of athletes worldwide that help us field-test and evaluate new products before we introduce them to the market. We send them 60-120 day supplies of the product to be evaluated and they use the product as directed and submit comprehensive written evaluation reports to us every 2-weeks or every 4-weeks, depending on the product use cycle. We also speak to most of them by phone or email to collect subjective results, comments, and suggestions. This is real-world testing and evaluation that helps us to offer the consumer products that work as advertised.
    Why don’t you offer anabolic steroids? They are illegal!
    Why don't any of the websites evaluating and recommending HGH supplements list AgeForce® HGH Spray or Patch supplements? Because 99% of them are scams! We refuse to pay the owners of those websites to be recommended as others do. Many of them are simply "fronts" for the products they recommend! We only know of one website that posts unbiased HGH information and evaluates HGH supplements independently and honestly. It is a great online HGH information resource and we urge you to visit the website. (All the Information you need about HGH - Human Growth Hormone. Complete Guide on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and its benefits, side effects, products, faq's and reviews)
    Can I cancel my AutoShip order anytime for any reason? You certainly can! You have absolutely no ongoing long-term obligations! You can stop monthly deliveries prior to your next monthly delivery by sending us an email using one of the email links that are on our Contact Us or Guarantee pages. We will confirm your AutoShip order cancellation immediately by return email so that you have a record of your cancellation. We don’t want anyone to feel that AutoShip obligates them to receive orders if they no longer wish to do so!
    How long does it take you to ship an order after you receive it? We usually ship within 24 hours after we receive an order. We ship orders throughout the Untied States via First Class mail, which is 2 to 3 day delivery on average, and we ship via US International Priority Mail to most countries worldwide with 6-10 business day delivery.

    Do any AgeForce® supplements require a doctor’s prescription? Absolutely not! All of our supplements are considered “Dietary Supplements” and as such they can be purchased in any retail store, or online, like any common daily vitamin supplement.
    What is the active shelf life or your supplements? All of our supplements have a 24-36 month active shelf life. They should be kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
    What is genetically engineered HGH? In 1982 the first medicine to be genetically engineered and approved by the US FDA was insulin. Shortly thereafter the technique of genetically engineering HGH (Human Growth Hormone) was developed. Prior to genetic engineering, HGH had to be extracted from cadavers. Today, genetically engineered HGH comes from modified plant protein. It is identical in every respect to the natural HGH produced by one’s pituitary gland.
    Does HGH supplementation benefit both men and women? Absolutely! While there are some benefits that are unique to women, such as moderation of per menopause and menopause symptoms, both men and women will realize the same health and fitness benefits.

    I’m 16 years old…Should I consider HGH supplementation? Not yet! You should wait until you are in your early 20’s as your pituitary gland is not producing and releasing 100% of the HGH your body needs. As you enter your 20’s and beyond, your production of HGH slowly decreases. That is when HGH supplementation will deliver health and fitness benefits.
    Why are your product formulas always changing? Our company is one of the very few companies that do basic Research and Development. Our R&D team is always working on our formulas as the science in each product category moves ahead. To date we have upgraded our HGH Patch formula 19 times since we introduced the first HGH Patch to the market in 2005. We recently started shipping our 9th HGH oral spray upgrade. Our StackerPlus ll is the 2nd generation of the most effective amino acid HGH precursor on the market today! And you can count on the fact that our new products will all have formula upgrades as we continue to research and innovate new and improved formulas.
    Do you ship to APOs and other countries? Yes and Yes – All orders ship within 24 hours and we ship worldwide.

    About Transdermal Patches

    What exactly is a transdermal patch? It is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of its formula directly into the bloodstream via a controlled time-release system.
    Are there different types of patches? Yes there are 5 types of patches. Our HGH PowerPatch and Testo/100 Testosterone Booster both use a Multi-layer Drug-in-Adhesive patch. The multi-layer drug-in adhesive patch has 2 adhesive layers that are responsible for releasing the formula. One layer is for immediate release and other layer is for control time-release.
    What was the first transdermal patch? The first patches were introduced in 1979. They were Nicotine patches and Estrogen patches
    What are some of the popular transdermal patches in use today? Nicotine (Stop Smoking) – Fentanyl (For pain relief) – Estrogen (Hormone Therapy) – Scopolamine (For Motion Sickness) – Nitroglycerin (For Angina) - Vitamin B12
    Why don’t other supplement manufacturer’s offer transdermal patches? The first reason is that transdermal patches are much more expensive than pills, capsules, or powdered mixes. The second reason is that transdermal patches require an extremely high degree of laboratory sophistication, expertise, and equipment to manufacture. The third and perhaps the most important reason is that it is only in the last couple of years that laboratories like ours, have developed techniques to modify the molecular structure of supplements so that they can be delivered transdermally directly into the bloodstream.
    Why do you say only 5% of the formula in an oral supplement gets into the bloodstream? When you swallow any pill, capsule, or powdered mix, the supplement’s formula makes it way to the stomach where the formula components are bathed in extremely powerful digestive acids and enzymes. A high percentage of the formula cannot survive this hostile environment. The remaining formula then travels through the small intestine where absorption into the bloodstream takes place over several hours. Next stop the liver, where about 95% of the surviving formula is metabolized into “inactive” substances that are excreted. Bottom Line: just a small amount of the original formula (About 5%) retains its organic value.
    So what is the advantage of the transdermal patch delivery system? There are two (2) important advantages: First, almost 100% of the formula goes from the patch directly into the bloodstream. And second, the formula is released via a sustained time-release function that is built into the transdermal patch adhesive lining. This allows the liver to metabolize the formula more effectively and efficiently.
    Does transdermal patch delivery make the supplement stronger? Yes! Take vitamin B12. You would have to take 1,200mg orally to equal the nutritional value of 60mg delivered via a time-release transdermal patch.

    HGH PowerPatch®

    If each HGH PowerPatch® contains 25 milligrams (mg) how do I convert International Units (IU) (Injections) to milligrams? Since each substance would have a different conversion ratio, we cannot put up a conversion for IU to milligrams that covers everything, or even most things. There are just too many different substances. IU stands for International Units and is used for the measurement of drugs and vitamins. Webster's defines IU as: a quantity of a biologic (such as a vitamin) that produces a particular biological effect agreed upon as an international standard What this means is that IU is dependent on the potency of the substance, and each substance would have a different IU to milligram conversion. For example, 1000 IU of Vitamin C would have a different weight than 1000 IU of Vitamin A.
    Is The HGH PowerPatch® as strong, and as effective, as actual HGH injections? Absolutely! The PowerPatch® is the first true injection-strength product! You don’t need a doctor’s prescription and the price for the PowerPatches is just a fraction of the cost of HGH injections. We believe that they are more effective than injections in that the patch delivers its 25mg dosage of HGH (Somatropin) over the 10-12 hours that you wear each patch. That 10-12 hour time release gives your system time to metabolize the HGH more efficiently than injectable delivery. And with the HGH PowerPatch® there is no shutdown of the Pituitary gland that is often associated with injections.
    Why are there only 6 PowerPatches in a 30-day supply? Each PowerPatch® delivers a dosage of 25mg of HGH. (Somatropin) That is true injection strength and like HGH injections, you would not take one every day! After extensive clinical and field trials, we found that one patch every 5-days was the optimum cycle. (Use one patch for 10 to 12 hours and then rest for 4-days and repeat the 1 day on, 4 days off cycle) With this cycle, 6 patches constitute a 30-day supply.
    Are HGH PowerPatches for Men And Women? Absolutely! They are for anyone over the age of 18-years that is interested in serious physical fitness.
    Will HGH PowerPatches help me build muscle and loose body fat? Increased HGH levels are the safest and fastest way to build lean muscle mass and burn body fat! But you have to put in the work! As the old and true saying goes: “No Pain, No Gain”! Increasing your HGH levels with the PowerPatch® will facilitate awesome gains in lean muscle mass and help you burn body fat as long as you workout seriously and consistently.
    Can I Use the HGH PowerPatch® with the Testo/100® Testosterone Booster Patch? You certainly can, as long as you are a male! We recommend that any man interested in peak fitness and performance should use both. The formulas work in two separate and distinct ways to help you achieve higher levels of strength and fitness. There is a synergetic increase in effectiveness when taken together.
    What is the difference in the HGH PowerPatch® and ExtraStrength® HGH Patches? It is important to differentiate the PowerPatch® from our homeopathic ExtraStrength® HGH patches. PowerPatch® works on an entirely different system of delivery. PowerPatch® delivers large amounts of HGH (Somatropin) directly into small blood capillaries, thereby increasing levels of HGH quickly. This is quite different than the Homeopathic delivery of our ExtraStrength® HGH patches that deliver small homeopathic amounts of HGH that are sequenced to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more natural HGH over the long-term.

    Triple Potency HGH Oral Spray And ExtraStrength® HGH Patches

    How safe are AgeForce® HGH patches and spray? Our HGH spray and patch formulas are Homeopathic. They are extraordinarily safe to use short or long term. There are millions of people using homeopathic HGH sprays safely without any side effects. Pregnant or nursing women should not use HGH sprays, nor should they be used by anyone under 18-years of age.
    What does “AgeForce® delivers 200% more HGH per spray” mean? Most other HGH oral spray brands can only deliver 40% to 50% of the actual HGH in their formula safely into the bloodstream, as it (the HGH) is immediately attacked and destroyed by saliva and digestive acid before the HGH can be absorbed by the oral receptor sites in one’s mouth. Our exclusive rapid-transit formula surrounds the large HGH molecule with a natural lubricant that speeds safe absorption and delivers over 95% of the HGH in our formulas into the bloodstream. That means you get 200% or twice the HGH per spray with our AgeForce® sprays.
    How long will it take before I see results? We would love to tell you that HGH supplementation with AgeForce® Triple Potency® HGH Spray or our ExtraStrength® HGH patches is going to give you instant gratification, but that is not the case! Some people begin to see meaningful results the first week, and others might not notice recognizable benefits for a month or two. We post a study of over 100,000 people on our website, that shows the benefits reported in the first 6-months of HGH supplementation. Your own experience may be different, but this study is a useful guide. Please be patient! Homeopathic HGH supplementation works! Studies show that benefits from HGH supplementation come sooner if you eat properly and exercise regularly.
    What is the first thing I will feel or notice? The first benefits that you might notice are a more restful, quality sleep, with vivid dreams, and felling more refreshed when you wake up. You may also find that you are more optimistic and a general feeling of well-being. These are the most common early indications that you are on your way to experiencing all of the many other benefits of HGH supplementation.

    Can I increase the daily spray dosage to get better results? Not a problem! You can safely increase your daily spray doses frequency. If you are using our oral spray, note that we use the word “frequency”. It is always better, and more effective, to increase the frequency of spray doses rather than the quantity. For example: Our directions say: 3 Times Daily 2 Sprays Each Time. It is more effective to go to 4, 5, or 6 times daily. (Note) If you increase your daily doses, let us know so we can adjust your monthly shipping cycle accordingly.

    Is Triple Potency® HGH Spray or ExtraStrength® Patches the same as HGH injections? No they are not. (However our HGH PowerPatch product is injection-strength.) Our Triple Potency® HGH Spray or ExtraStrength® Patches are both Homeopathic supplements. In other words, they are both formulated to introduce small amounts of specifically formulated HGH into one’s system, and by doing so, stimulate the Pituitary gland to produce and release increased quantities of one’s own natural HGH.
    How do I choose between the Triple Potency® HGH Spray or the ExtraStrength® Patches? The patches and the spray are both equally effective. So it just comes down to choosing between using an oral spray 3-times daily, or putting a patch on your arm or stomach once a day or in the evening before you go to sleep. The patch is certainly more convenient and we recommend that it be worn at night while you sleep. So just choose based on your life-style preference.
    NeedToBuildMuscle Representative / PowerChews Representative
    AgeForce Representative - for hGH Patches!
    Send me a PM with any questions about products & discount codes

  2. Testo/100® Testosterone Booster Patches

    How can you claim that Testo/100® is 100 times as powerful as other oral testosterone boosters? This is simply the multiplier effect of Testo/100® delivered transdermally with 100% delivery to your system, versus other capsule or pill format Testosterone boosters taken orally, where only a small fraction of the oral formula survives the harsh digestive acids and enzymes in saliva, the stomach, and throughout the digestive tract. In fact, some of the ingredients in our transdermal formula are 200 times more powerful than those same ingredients taken orally. To put it another way, if we put the same Testo/100® formula into a capsule, you would have to swallow 100 to 200 capsules before they equaled the strength of just one Testo/100® patch!
    How do I know if I need to increase my testosterone levels? Testosterone levels decrease in the later decades of adult life. So to maintain and increase the strength, fitness, health and libido benefits of strong testosterone levels, it advisable to use some supplement regimen to stop the decline in Testosterone levels and to safely increase them to youthful
    Why should I consider increasing my Testosterone levels? Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. In men, Testosterone is crucial to the development of reproductive tissues that comprise the testis, prostate, and maintaining normal levels of libido. Testosterone also promotes increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body-hair. Testosterone is essential for health, well-being and the prevention of osteoporosis. Men produce approximately 10 times more testosterone than women. Testosterone is anabolic, which means that it builds up bone and muscle mass. Increases in Testosterone levels will increase energy and mental acuity.
    I’m 50 years old man, and my libido and sexual activity is less than it used to be. Will Testo/100® help? It certainly will help. The most common reason for declines in libido (Sexual Desire) and sexual performance is a decline in testosterone levels. The 18-natural ingredients in the Testo/100® patch formula work synergistically to elevate anabolic hormonal testosterone production safely. Over a period of weeks, as testosterone levels increase, one can expect to see a corresponding increase in libido and sexual performance.
    Will Testo/100® testosterone booster patches keep me from producing my normal testosterone? Absolutely not! The formula gently encourages your system to produce more of your own natural testosterone.

    I’m a female…Can I use Testo/100? Absolutely not! In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass and the growth of body hair. (Not a good benefit for women! On average, an adult male body produces about ten times more testosterone than an adult female.

    Fast Muscle Recovery Gel

    How long does Fast Muscle Recovery Gel take to work? You apply the transdermal gel on your skin directly over, and around, the muscle group, tendons, or ligaments you wish to treat. Gently rub the gel in, and it is absorbed in a few seconds. The formula immediately generates increased blood flow throughout the area and you experience relief in just a few minutes.
    If you have sensitive skin will the gel irritate it? Fast Recovery Gel is for external use only. It has been dermatologically tested and it is suitable for sensitive skin.
    What does the immune system have to do with fast muscle recovery? The immune system is primarily fueled by the amino acid glutamine, the majority of which is produced by the muscles and exported into the blood supply to support the immune system. As muscles become fatigued they produce and export less glutamine. This is the molecular basis of exercise-induced immune suppression. That’s why we have incorporated a powerful yeast derived proteo-glycan immune booster in our Fast Muscle Recovery Gel formula!
    What is the Fast Muscle Recovery Gel formula? It is a water-soluble gel formulated with amino acids, proteoglycans, stimulants and antioxidants. Formula ingredients are: water, L-arginine HCI, cocoa-derived flavanols, proprietary methyl xanthine ensemble boosters, creatine, yeast derived proteoglycans, xanthan gum, and parfum.
    How do you use Fast Muscle Recovery Gel? Depress dispenser top twice (2) and apply directly to each muscle group, or tendons, or ligaments after workouts or exercise. Rub gel in until fully absorbed, which is usually less than a minute.

    Pre & Post Workout Patch

    What is Nitric Oxide? Nitric Oxide is a gaseous signaling molecule that is biosynthesized from L-Arginine. Nitric oxide is a very important cell-signaling molecule. Nitric Oxide is a messenger molecule that is responsible for numerous physiological and pathological processes. Nitric Oxide is one of very few gaseous signaling molecules known, and is additionally exceptional due to the fact that it is a radical gas.
    In 1998 three American scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering the role Nitric Oxide plays in the cardiovascular system.
    How does Nitric Oxide do to help athletic performance? It allows the heart to pump more blood to the muscle groups being used with no additional demand on heart muscles. Here is how that works: Nitric Oxide dilates (expands) the veins, and lower arterial pressure and left ventricular filling pressure. Again, and this is so important; this does not decrease the volume of blood the heart pumps, but most important to any cardio vascular exercise, it decreases the force the heart muscle must exert to pump the same volume of blood.
    Why are Nitric Oxide Booster supplements so popular? Because they are safe and so effective, Nitric Oxide Booster supplements are very popular. No other fitness supplement decreases the cardiac workload.These properties of Nitric Oxide make it one of the most effective fitness supplements, in use today, to elevate workout, exercise, and athletic performance.
    When is the best time to wear the Pre & Post Workout patch? We suggest that you apply the patch 1 or 2-hours before your workout or game. That gives the first stage (The Pre-Workout) formula a chance to elevate your Nitric Oxide levels. This first stage will release the Pre-Workout formula for about 4-hours. Then the second stage (Post-Workout Recovery) formula kicks in. This second formula will help your muscles recover faster and speed any tissue, tendon, or ligament healing.
    Will the Pre & Post Workout patch stay on after I take a shower? Yes, in most cases. We have used a special adhesive that should keep the patch on throughout your workout and after your shower or bath. If the patch doesn’t stay on, we suggest you purchase some waterproof medical tape that is available in the Band-Aid section of any drug store, to place over the patch.
    Is Nitric Oxide the same as Nitrous Oxide? No, not even close! Nitrous Oxide is what is commonly called “Laughing Gas” or “Sweet Air”. Please don’t confuse the two.
    What can I expect to feel as a result of the Nitric Oxide level increase? You will feel a lot more energy, endurance, and strength increase when you work out or play your sport. This is simply a function of your heart being able to pump more oxygenated blood to the exercised muscle groups with no additional cardio demand.
    NeedToBuildMuscle Representative / PowerChews Representative
    AgeForce Representative - for hGH Patches!
    Send me a PM with any questions about products & discount codes

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