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Fast Muscle Recovery Gel
Maximizes Blood-Flow – Dissipates Lactic Acid - Prevents Free-Radical Damage Advanced Post-Workout Recovery
AgeForce® Fast Muscle Recovery Gel is a must have product for anyone that works out with free weights or machines, participates in sports, or has a cardio exercise program to achieve and maintain peak physical fitness. Our advanced transdermal formula is an awesome way to speed muscle recovery. If you work out with free weights, machines, or do any demanding cardio exercise or sport, you know that sore muscles are the inevitable result of a good quality workout or game. And the faster you relieve muscle fatigue, the faster you can get on to your next workout or game!

How It Works?
Just pump the AgeForce® Fast Muscle Recovery Gel dispenser twice for each muscle group application. Then rub the gel directly on the chosen muscle group. The topical gel will disappear in less than a minute as it delivers its advanced formula transdermally to the small and larger blood vessels throughout the muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments. The formula maximizes blood-flow, which helps to dissipates lactic acid build up, prevents free-radical damage, and strengthens immune system functions! You will be amazed when you feel relief within 15-minutes!

What does stronger immune system functions have to do with fast muscle recovery?
The immune system is primarily fuelled by the amino acid glutamine, the majority of which is produced by the muscles and exported into the blood supply to support the immune system. This is important… As muscles become fatigued they produce and export less glutamine. This is the molecular basis of exercise-induced immune suppression. That’s why we have incorporated a powerful yeast derived proteo-glycan immune booster in our Fast Muscle Recovery Gel formula!

Will the Fast Muscle Recovery Gel help relieve sore or strained ligaments and tendons?
Yes…big-time! Because the formula increases blood flow when applied to the chosen area, the increased blood flow levels reduce soreness, swelling, and speeds healing!

AgeForce® Fast Muscle Recovery Gel is a water-soluble gel formulated with amino acids, proteoglycans, stimulants and antioxidants. Formula ingredients are:
water, L-arginine HCI, cocoa-derived flavanols, proprietary methyl xanthine ensemble boosters, creatine, yeast derived proteoglycans, xanthan gum, and parfum.

Directions For Use:
Depress dispenser top twice (2) and apply directly to each muscle group after workouts and, or, exercise. Rub gel in until fully absorbed, which is usually less than a minute. AgeForce® Fast Recovery Gel is for external use only. It has been dermatologically tested and it is suitable for sensitive skin.