New AgeForce Melatonin Patch Now Available

  1. New AgeForce Melatonin Patch Now Available

    We just uploaded our new Melatonin patch on our website. We feel that by delivering the Melatonin dosage directly into the bloodstream we have a Melatonin supplement that is far superior to any oral Melatonin brand. We are not knocking oral Melatonin supplements. Quite to the contrary, there are some very high quality products on the market. But every oral Melatonin supplement has to transit the digestive system to be absorbed into the bloodstream and that, in our opinion, makes our new 5mg Melatonin 6-hour time release patch the most effective Melatonin supplement available! Note: AnobolicMinds visitors can get a 50% discount on the Melatonin patch and on all of our other AgeForce supplements until August 4th. Check out our 505 offer posted today in the Company Promotions Forum.

  2. If I understand correctly, transdermal patches’ rate of absorption can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors. Of the 5mg dosage, how much will actually be absorbed during 8 hours of sleep?

    Along those lines. . .I’m assuming your company has done clinical studies measuring the absorption rate during 8 hours of sleep? If so, can I get a copy of the study or can you publish a graph showing the amount of melatonin released per hour?

  3. Wow, these look very interesting. Might be something I want to try down the road..SJ

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