AMS pro anabolic kit. My experience

  1. AMS pro anabolic kit. My experience

    Ill start with a little background. Im new to this site and new to ams products. After a lot of reviews and readings I decided to settle on a kit of ams pro anabolic rde. I have a demanding job and need to stay in great condition. So I was looking for something to help quicken my gains after a back injury and get me to a place I wanna be. I am following a lifting regimen I found on another site and so far i am two weeks in and super sore every day. So I think its working. I plan on running the kit for the suggested cycle on the box. I would like to bump up the doses but I can't afford another box.
    I wake up at 5 am and take my preworkout shortly after that. I am taking a *** amplified no loaded with a little bit of pro supps hyde. The *** stuff gives me a good drive and the hyde gives me that tingling feeling I like.

    Today was day three of my kit and the placebo effect was kickin in today. I felt really good in the gym. Good pump good drive. When I was done it was hard walking. Lol.

    My goal is to post my lifts of each day along with dosing. I would like to get back up to around 185 in bodyweight. So roughly 10lbs. I took some before pics and measurements. When the kit is empty ill take post pics.
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  2. Day four:

    Woke up at 5 this morn and felt pretty good. Got to bed before 10 so I got lots of sleep. Took my pwo and got out the door at a decent time. Today was shoulders. Not my fave but its a quicker workout and it needs done. Felt great in the gym. Blew through my weights and reps. Weight was 176.2 this morn. Im gonna try and get a tub of creatine and start a loading phase to help me gain a little bit more.

    Db military press
    10x 45
    Side lateral raises
    Reverse pec deck
    10x40 3sets

    Superset forward arm raises db and facepulls
    10x15 - 12x60
    12x12 - 8x70

    Barbell shrugs

    Standing calve raises
    3sets 10x115
    Sitting raises
    3sets 21x45 (change feet every 7)
    Donkey raises no weight
    3 sets 21

    Feeling good right now. A little tired though. I think the rde are giving me the bubble gut. I get all jumbly after a lift and need to go to the bathroom asap. Hopefully itll fade when I get a little more used to it. I read yesterday that the tabs need to be taken seperately so I took one immediately after pwo so around 515 and then the other one when I left around 540 or so. I wonder I need more time in between. I like taking them around the same time so I stay consistent and remember.

    Tomorrow is normally a day when I work a muscle group I feel is lacking. I have training at work tomorrow so I will not be lifting. Ill consider tomorrow an active rest day.

    Good day.
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  3. Subbed.

    I just got home from a deployment so things have been a little busy getting settled back in. I'll pop in now and again to see how things are going for ya.
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  4. Thanks for the sub copycat. And thanks for the service.

    Day five was all cardio. I had training at work and got to sleep in a little more than normal. We did alot of running, fast moving, breathing control, and some other forms of conditioning. I blasted through and felt really good. I stayed hungry all day too. No lifting got done on day five.

    Day six
    No lifting today. Ill do pushups and situps at the house but thats all. Already gotten my tabs in this morn. Here after while ill start my feeding frenzy. Planning on more than a hundred pushups and few minutes worth of planks. Just need to zone in. No scale at home and i wont be back in the gym til thursday morn.
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  5. Day seven contained nothing. My back was hurting yesterday so I took it easy.

    Day eight. Chest and tris
    176 weigh in
    Incline bench smith machine
    1 warmup 10x105 10x140 21x105(grip
    Change every seven)
    Incline db fly
    3 sets. 10x20
    Flat bench
    10x135 8x155 8x175 6x205
    Supersets dips and modded pushups
    Weighted dips 8 reps
    Pushups 10 reps
    3 rounds
    Supersets tri extensions, close grip bench
    Tri extensions 10x80
    Close grip bench 12x 45 bar only
    transition into skull crushers
    2 rounds
    Tri push downs with rope
    12x70 12x80 12x90
    Db tri extensions
    10x40 10x30 10x25 10x20

    Weighted core routine

    Today felt freaking amazing! I felt like an animal in the gym. I felt really pumped and looked pretty vascular. I think the tabs are finally starting to take effect. My diet wasnt the best yesterday. I didnt get enough protein at all. But today is a new day. Im feeling real good and so far not seeing any sides.
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  6. I missed my post on day 9
    Back and bi's. Felt great in the gym again. Powered right through my workout. Still had juice left in me to go but I felt like my arms were gonna fall off. Lately on my bi days my lef arm has been cramping up severely when I bend my arm with any resistance. It goes away by the evening. Not sure if its related to the tabs. Diet was a little better that day.

    Day 10
    Today was legs. Legs are exhausting. Weight was uo. 176.8. I also picked up a tub of creacore. Im gonna do a load phase of creatine and help my gains a little. I pulled a muscle today when doing front squats. I agitated a muscle in my upper back. The same one ive been having problems with. Hopefully it goes away.

    Straight leg dl
    2 sets 10x135
    Seated leg curls
    3sets 12x70
    Front squats
    2 sets 16x95 (strained muscle in first set so I didnt increase weight)
    Leg press
    2sets 10x300

    Superset leg extension and lunge jumps
    3sets 10x70, 10jumps

    Core training

    I felt great today. Last week my lunge jumps were gruesome but today I felt good going through them. I couldnt walk afterwards but thats good right? So far the tabs are doing well. I actually enjoy the flavor. It gives me something to do while driving and getting ready for work.
    Im thinking about adding in a bottle of 1ad too. Make the stack just a bit better.
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  7. day 11
    today in the gym was very lacking. sleep eluded me last night and i was without good drive in the gym today. i was able to make it through a lightweight chest and tri routine with a lot of stretching. my back is still super sore today so i think that really put a damper on the exercise. weight was exactly 177. i wore a cutoff shirt this morning and noticed some definition in my arms and shoulders. im starting to see some good muscle striations that its been a little while since ive seen them. my appetite is starting to pick back up too. thats a big plus in my book. im having a hard time staying full. only problem is that the minty sensation the tabs leave me doesnt make me really wanna eat anything. so far progress is positive and im enjoying it. it helps when you have a good lift schedule and routine.
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    Great log so far


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