Any of the products/kits good for a cut?

  1. Any of the products/kits good for a cut?

    Does anyone use these products on a cut here? Or is it best to just wait until I start bulking again? IF you can start using them on a cut which kit would be most recommended?

  2. If I were to use an AMS PH product on a cut right now, I would likely use our new Andro Test Stack. Combination of 1-ad and Epiandrosterone.

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  3. thank you for the response! I made this thread before you responded in the other thread I made. So why is that stack recommended over say the Pro Anabolic Kit RDe? And would you run it for the 30 days and then that is it no longer? This would be my first PH stack ever. also Should I purchase your PCT or anything else to go along with this just in case? I know you said you don't usually have the effects of libido and being lethargic but does anything in the andro test stack help prevent that?

  4. Epiandrosterone is great for dry hard gains and 1-ad is good for strength and size, but is also drier than 4-ad as it doesn't aromatize to any degree. In a calorie deficient state of a cut they should do well in maintaining size and strength. I really like the epi and added it to a superdrol run recently. The epiandrosterone will also work well with combating lethargy and libido issues if they should try and rear their head. 30 days if fine, but you could run them longer if you wished. They are not methylated so you wouldn't have the liver concerns and such like some other compounds. As far as PCT goes, Arom-X is solid but you can put together any other kind if you wanted to as well. Or mix and match. I tend to mix and match a lot with things that I have on hand. Arom-X, various natty t-boosters and such you know.
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  5. thanks! Well any specific products you would recommend to have on hand that you use or think I might need? Should I have a serm available and any that you recommend? Lastly, should I also get cycle support? Or maybe even the support from AMS. Just want to be as safe and prepared as possible. Would you even recommend doing this on a cut or should I just wait until I am bulking again? Would save money that way and I am gonna have to wait a little after this cycle to start the next one if I wanted to use on a bulk

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    You wont need a serm for this, you could just get AMS products to cover all of your needs on and off cycle, as these are specifically geared toward our products.

  7. would the Form-x from LG sciences along with their IGF-1 oral spray, and l-carnitine be okay to substitute to arom-x as my pct? since I already have this in hand

  8. If you are looking for a great product for cutting check out LG Sciences new C2K. It caught my attention due to the fact it was a liquid vs capsule and instead of buying and taking multiple supplements (Raspberry Ketones, L-Carnitine, etc) it is "all in one". So far, I have noticed an increase in energy and focus while training and throughout the day and no crashing or jitters like others I have tried. My bodyweight has already dropped about 2 1/4 lbs in just under a week of using it without altering my nutrition or training (yes I eat clean and train regularly). Hope that helps!


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