Timing question got no clue really

  1. Question Timing question got no clue really

    Ok every one VERY new to all this Going to run the hormone regulation kit (I think anyway no idea which one yet) BUT and here is the question. I run intermittent fasting protocol 16/8 have been for some time now really like it and would rather not change it up so question is it going to be ok to take this stuff on a empty stomach in the morning or should I just wait till my breakfast at around 2:30 and start taking them. Also while I am here for a first run is the hormone reg kit a good start or is there a better option.

  2. There are no issues to take them on an empty stomach.

    The hormone regulation kit will be fine for you.

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  3. Hey thanks. My plan was to just take it during my eating window which is 2:30 to 10 roughly but i didn't know how long every thing needed spaced out and if taking before bed was OK. Also i am getting a second bottle of 4ad for free any suggestions on how to use this with the hormone reg kit or do i have to get a bottle of 1andro to us with it.
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    You can up the dose of 4ad if you wish, or save it for another run. As far as the spacing issue, I dont know if this is what you were asking, but I'd space the dosing of each about 30 minutes apart. I.E. if you take 4AD at 2, take the 1Andro at 2:30.
  5. question

    Ok that works then I wouldn't have to take it on a empty stomach at all then and that would plays my dose about 3 hours before I lift. Since I am getting the hormone reg kit and a extra 4ad is there any reason that i cant just continue the 4ad dose past 4weeks. EX. 1andro + 4AD week 1-4 week 5-8 4AD then pct with arom-x OR even flip that 4d the first 4 weeks then 1 andro + 4AD last 4 weeks. Really want to run 8 weeks for my first shot get the most out of this but I am a little on the poor side right now and 4 week's is all i have money for at this time honestly wouldn't even worry about it if the 4AD wasn't free. I am going for lean gains so any way you can stack it if I have to buy a extra bottle of something that's fine just means i will have to hold off longer to start.

  6. You could run it like that, yes.
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  7. Thank ya again really!!! I dislike forums most of the time do to rude people. HERE you guys have been stand up like this forum. Thanks for all the help I will be sure to post up once I get my stack and start my cycle.

  8. One more question do i really need the super cycle or can i go with out it.
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  9. You can go without it. I would like to try it but cant swallow large pills.

  10. excellent I ordered my kit last night. I am pumped I have to hold off till the end of march to make my cycle that way i can dedicate full attention to it. Plus i am cycling DAA and erase want to finish that and take a break before I make my run.


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