Question about RDe tabs

  1. Question about RDe tabs

    So do the tabs go under the tongue to dissolve? Or just in your mouth?

  2. They dissolve. Absorbed through mucous membranes I believe. I used them and tucked them.between my cheek and gum let let them.dissolve completely.

  3. It's best to place them under the tongue and let them dissolve fully. You can bite them in half then hold under the tongue to help it along, but don't chew them up or swallow them.

    I personally just tuck them under the to gue in the back corner and let them dissolve there. It takes a bit longer, but when the fluid builds up in my mouth I swish it around for a moment and then swallow. It usually takes about the time it takes me to get to the gym.

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  4. awesome thanks guys. cant's wait to start this stack. i got the anabolic growth kit

  5. Rock on brother.

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  6. Is the arom x enough for pct? I also have DAA.

  7. I would run them both. Alot depends on what items are in the stack your taking and the dosages along with duration of the cycle.

  8. i've heard of people even running clomid or nova as PCT for this stack, just depends on the duration and dosages, like lamonster said

  9. Let's also remember that the goal of PCT is to bring back natural production of test to its prior level, and solidify gains, not just control estrogen. It would behoove you to run both the Arom X and the D-Aspartic Acid. With the minimal shutdown that would occur, you could possibly even continue to gain in PCT, as these gains are more easily kept.
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  10. I am running both of those. Do you guys thing it would be better to up the dose of the arom? I have 2 of them by the way. I'm thinking 3 pills AD instead of 2 AD.

  11. For the Arom x as directed will be fine as far as its dosing goes.

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  12. Rock that stuff man..keep us posted..Thanks CC for chiming in.. I been one busy MOFO..prep for Arnold Classic booth
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  13. Another question... Anyone else find the 1-Andro tabs take A LOT longer to dissolve than the 4-AD or Decavol tabs?
  14. tattoopierced1
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    Its been my experience that they do take a bit longer to dissolve. Sometimes you can help this by scoring the tab before taking it.


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