Need advice on Dosing Anabolic growth kit

  1. Need advice on Dosing Anabolic growth kit

    So I am almost 4 weeks into my cycle (anabolic growth kit). I was planning on running for 8 weeks so I just got another bottle of 1-andro and it came with the augmentor and I was wondering when and how to dose it. It says take 3 a day so should if im dosing the the other compounds twice a day should I take one dose with those or before it or what. And then what about the other dose, sometime in between? I am upping the dose of the 4-ad to 3 a day next week so when should I take the 3rd one. I am still going to take one a half hour after the 1-andro and same thing later in the day but what about this extra dose? 4 hours after the first one or at the same time as one of the others.

  2. I personnaly like to split eveything up into eual parts throughout the day. So if I was dosing 3 a day it may look like this: Dose 1 @ 8am, Dose 2 @ 2pm, and Dose 3 @ 8pm. This makes it easy for me to follow anyways and helps prevent the low troughs of hormones on board that follow the high peaks. If that makes sense to you. In other words I try and keep as steady of levels as I can throughout the day. Obviously, when I sleep I don't bother waking and dosing or anything.

    Augmentor can be taken at the same time as your other doses.
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  3. CC is right now bro..i did the same dosing and worked perfect for my schedule
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  4. you took each one at the same time? Im about to start the anabolic growth kit too but im running 4-ad and 1-Andro for a month before i start the anabolic growth kit. give me advice. i can use it

  5. Try to space them out by about 30 mins so your body absorbs each compound better. Also keep them under your tongue until they dissolve, 30 seconds is nowhere near long enough. It takes more like 10mins or so. I basically did the same thing as you 1-andro and 4-ad for the first 4 weeks then those plus the deca for 4 more weeks. Good luck bro.

  6. Then your second dose of each compound 8 hours later

  7. jfitz what were your results like from that cycle. Im hoping for around 15 gain. Im using creatine BCAAS , pre-workout an, vitmins and protein. Im not sure o n the PCT, i may just use the AROM-X

  8. Dont expect anywhere near 15lbs.If someone can naturaly gain 4lbs of muscle in a 2 month period 6lbs on this stuff would be really lucky. I had my training and diet down pat so I thought I had enough hormones in my body to be gaining a pound a week and not be fat but I was wrong. I added a pound a week for 8 weeks and out of the 8 MAYBE 5 was muscle. Out of every body part my stomach grew the most lol. I did get alot stronger but I expected more. Its probably a good kit to run to get your feet wet with hormonal products. Im on my first cycle of Hdrol right now and im 8 days in and up 9lbs already lol. Probably mostly water and glycogen storage but I can tell this stuff is strong. The AMS products will give you a nice little boost in the gym though. Only side effect I experienced was lethargy.

    As for Pct Arom-x should be good enough. I used nolva also just to be safe. The cycle actually did shut me down I think. After about 7 weeks my sex drive was gone and morning wood was non existent. Came back within the first week of Pct though. Good luck bro.

  9. i dont have a source for nolva or i would.. But tomorrow im starting the 1-andro and 4-ad along with these pre-workout i got called bullnox androrush. A few of my friends said it was awesome. Said its quality. Not something packed with high caffeine and gives you the jitters. The perfect PWO to take while running something like i am. You should check it out, it looks really good and all the reviews are good too. But im a dreamer bro, im hoping to get around 15 in gain. Alot of logs claimed they have and that was on just the anabolic growth kit.

  10. Dream big and train and eat hard but if you realize your adding to much fat cut back the cals. Id be extremely suprisied if I got 15lbs on this hdrol cycle. And nolvas not hard to get I dont think I can tell you where to get it because of board rules but I think I can tell you to google research chemicals nolva. Or Pm me I can point you in the right direction.

  11. i think im justsay screw it and double up the growth kit and take my extra 4-ad and 1-andro with it and make it into just 4 weeks, but i also thought about doubling it and making it into two weeks but i dont know if i should take two tabs at a time or just basicly always be dosing. like i will take the 1-andro,4-ad and decavol in the am and pm but in the afternoon take the extra 4-ad and 1-andro. That is if im going to keep it at 4 weeks. Thats my best bet, not what i started today and was going to do 1 andro and 4 ad for a month then go right into the groth kit. nah. How much does nolva run and should i just take that for my pct and i dont know what you mean by Pm you. Im new to forums.

  12. Pm means priviate message but you should be good with your pct for. Honestly my advice to you would be scrap that kit and buy some hdrol. I have a feeling your going to be very dissapointed with the results of this kit. I know I was. If not you def need to double the dosages but you still need to run it for 8 weeks 4 is not enough. What this stuff is is DHEA. 1-dhea, 4-DHEA and i think 19-DHEA. So to become active the 1-dhea needs to convert to 1-androstenedione and then that converts to 1-testosterone. The original product back i the early 2000s was 1-androstendedione and that converts directly to 1-test at a rate of between 5-15% which is debatable. So These new products are two steps away and the conversion is very low. If you do run it do 8 weeks as it takes a while to take effect. For the same price maybe even cheaper you can get a cycle of hdrol and actually make great gains.


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