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    These products look great for what i want. I have used pro hormone in the past but i want something safer and something that will not cause all the side effects. I am wanting to bulk up a little and def lean out a little as well. What products and protocol woudl you suggest. Do these products require a pCT in anyway? I like the fact the pills dissolve bc i have a hard time swallowing whole pills. Please help.


  2. are you seriously asking to be breastfed cycle info?

    look into googledrol and researchaplex

  3. tattoopierced1
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    You can visit our website and check out some cycle ideas there to start off with. We sell kits with everything you need for an entire cycle.

  4. ThunderHUMPEr, go **** yourself.

    As for my post, what i read is that most of these supplements are all natural and do not require a PCT. I was just curious about what would be a good PCT if any for these products or cycles. I am just giong off the claims on the advertisement that it says safe and natural
  5. tattoopierced1
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    You need PCT, which is included in some of the kits.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AndShane View Post
    ThunderHUMPEr, go **** yourself.l


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