First Cycle - Hormone Rgulation Kit

  1. First Cycle - Hormone Rgulation Kit

    Hello all. First post here. A bit about me. I am 33 and at 200 lbs. I have been doing a clean bulk now for about 8 months and up from 175 lbs. I have used PHs in the past, however very irresponsibly. Back in college I thought if I could buy it on a shelf then I could take it and not worry. Trick on me. It shut me down hard, and honestly I still have issues stemming from that lack of knowledge of PHs. Long story short I have been training very hard now for about 2 years, and am at a plateau that I can't pass. I want to try a mild PH again, and not one that is methylated and harsh on my liver and with harsh sides. I have been looking at the Hormone Regulation Kit from AMS. I was thinking of dosing as such

    Week 1 & 2: 1AD - 2 tabs a day
    Week 3 & 4: 1AD - 2 tabs a day + 4AD - 2 tabs a day
    Week 5 & 6: 4AD - 2 tabs a day
    Week 7,8,9,10: Nolva (40/20/20/10), Erase Pro, DAA

    Couple questions. Does this seem like a good stack for a relatively newbie again. I want to gain about 6-8 pounds of muscle without gaining too much fat. I'll still do my clean bulk diet. I'll worry about cutting during Spring. I don't want harsh sides, I don't want my hair falling out (I know it is up to the individual, but let me know if this is generally mild on the hairline). I just want to know what to expect while on this run. My past experience with PH's has me a little worried about sides....granted I did it to myself. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. What you have laid out would be fine.

    The nolva I would not run that high. I'd run it at 20/20/10/10.
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    Looks good.. if you notice lethargy, you could start the 4ad sooner, but other than what CopyCat said, looks good.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat
    What you have laid out would be fine.

    The nolva I would not run that high. I'd run it at 20/20/10/10.
    Shouldn't even need it.
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  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Shouldn't even need it.
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