8 Weeks of 4-AD, 1-AND, & Arom-X...questions

  1. Question 8 Weeks of 4-AD, 1-AND, & Arom-X...questions

    I am looking into purchasing my first PH cycle and thought that this would be a decent stack to try out.

    8 Weeks of (2 Bottles) 4-AD, (2 Bottles) 1-AND, & (2 Bottles) Arom-X

    The thing is, I am trying to figure out how to take this stack properly across the span of 8 weeks, followed by the Arom-X. Can anyone give me solid weekly dosage info for optimal results.

    I am also thinking of taking Super Cycle during the length of the 1-AND/4-AD stack. So if someone can throw that into the mix of dosage, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. whats your weight and training like?

  3. I am currently 166lbs, 25 yrs old, 20% bf. I train 5 days out of the week. I take my staples (multi, bcaa's, omega 3, whey & waxy starch, c4 pw, creatine)

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    I'd just follow the bottle instructions, split the dosing up morning/evening, and when you take each dose, wait 20-30 minutes between each liquid/RD tab.

  5. No doubt, thanks man.

    Do you suggest I look into a serm or would the super cycle and arom x suffice. I'm just trying to figure out how hard that long of a cycle will shut me down... considering it'll be my first ph.

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