Do Your Joints Hurt? Fixx Them!

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  1. Exclamation Do Your Joints Hurt? Fixx Them!

    Do you train as hard as possible? Do you like to thrash weights, until your body says NO MORE!? Do you wish that your joints could keep up with your muscle strength? If you answered yes to these questions. WE have the answer FOR YOU! (like the infomercial style?)
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    We are looking for Joint Fixx loggers. Joint Fixx features Avocado Soybean Unsaponafiables (commonly referred to as ASU). Sounds weird right? Well it's certainly the first product of it's kind in the bodybuilding supplement arena. But the research is significant and should not be overlooked. In addition to ASU, Joint Fixx also contains Turmeric Extract (standardized of 95% curcumin) and Hylauronic Acid (and piperine to top it all off).

    We soft launched this product and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so it's time we get some logs going before the big launch. I am actively working a more technical write up in the mean time.

    Loggers Needed


    U.S. Residents
    21 years of age or older
    Willing and able to post at least once a week with thoughts on the products effectiveness

    Like to have (improves your odds of being picked):

    Will to create a video review (youtube or whatever)
    Older guys
    Fawkers who train their ass off
    Well respected members
    People who have previously purchased AMS products
    People who have yet to try Joint Fixx

    Please post up in this thread if you are sure to point out if you meet all the above criteria and anything else you feel might help your chances.

    For more information please visit the Advanced Muscle Science Website.
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  2. I'm interested but I'm already on SuperCissusRx. It doesn't seem to be doing much right now though. I'll be 40 years old in July. I'm not sure how I would log a joint supplement though as I thought it took several weeks for them to become effective. Have had a nagging shoulder problem for a while now.

  3. My joints are good. This is a good logging opportunity. I know just the person to contact for this DreamWeaver he a old fugger <3

  4. I wish I met the above criteria... Only 20 =(

    Currently have knee pain that completely prevents me from any sort of impact with the knee. Limits my options or cardio to say the least. This knee pain will pop up randomly while I'm walking, even.

    Probably a result of playing baseball for a long time as a catcher, 5 years I think. Additionally, the heavy lifting from workouts doesn't help.

    I'll be following logs to see about this! Glucosamine/Chondroitin doesn't work for me. Interested to see how this does!
    Romans 8:38-39

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  5. My knees making a crunching noise everytime I take a step. Right elbow locks up and I have to push on it, makes a loud snaping noise and I'm able to move it again. Besides that every joint in my body seems to making cracking noises. Only pain in my left shoulder right now and left knee occasionally.

  6. Would absolutely LOVE to log Joint Fixx!! I'm currently running Carbonite Stack with STOKED. I've had three knee surgeries and a torn labrum. I'm 35 and when i lift my joints feel like they are rubbing bone on bone. I ran 1AD last year and next month ill be running the Pro Anabolic Kit, I have it in hand already. Hope I could be in the running!! Thank you for the possible opportunity. I've recently been looking into something for my joints but haven't jumped on anything yet. Will log 3-4 times a week!!
    Getting PUMPED with iForce Compete + Hemavol!!!

  7. Looks interesting. I'd like to give it a try.. Can definitely log it.. I'm only 26, not an old fugger but believe me I know all about joint pain.. I have had four knee surgeries a dislocated elbow and achey wrists jus from bangin in football (o-line/d-line) and benching..I usually jus use glycosamine chondrotin and high dose fish oil but i could drop the glusoamine if picked to log this.

    Edit: oh and I have used AMS' 4ad.wish I knew what I was doing when I used it but still ha decent results

  8. I hope pipeline is a piperine typo, for curcumins sake
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  9. I am Canadian or I would love to give it a try....
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  10. I'd do it with the workhorse stack. I did just start animal flex though.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver
    I am Canadian or I would love to give it a try....
    O I didn't know. I guess you need a middle man for this job

  12. Guys I'm just finishing my second bottle and just completed a half marathon this last Sunday. I can say, Joint Fixx has definitely been beneficial for me.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    I hope pipeline is a piperine typo, for curcumins sake
    Egh I'm still getting use to Safari and it's auto correct features. Corrects the weirdest words sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    I am Canadian or I would love to give it a try....
    I think we can work with Canadians too. I'm just used to trying to get our PH's into Canada and it's always been hard.
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  14. Bump for old guys!

  15. Subbed
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  16. Absolutely and for true application for logging opportunity, not simply product discussion. :-)

    Age 43, have tried many joint formulas with only marginal success.
    Have struugled with persisting bursitis in my RC and tendonitis in my right elbow for nearly two years now.
    Am just now entering week 3 of a n Epi/Stano run and things are starting to get "dry"! There's a test for your product

  17. Good stuff gang
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by TheBGRigatoni View Post
    Good stuff gang
    When will you pick?

  19. I am 24 years old and have labrum tears in both shoulders with the left shoulder having a more severe tear than the right one. I also have torn plica tissue in both knees and run 7-8 miles every day. In addition to doing gym workouts 3-4 days per week, I am doing a regimen of physical therapy exercises to strengthen the smaller support muscles in my shoulders. I can update my log more frequently than once per week. I would love to have the opportunity to log your product and assess Joint Fixx's contributory effects to my shoulder rehabbing efforts.

    Sorry, I forgot to add this earlier -- I am located in the USA.
    Last edited by SpicedCider; 05-28-2012 at 01:59 AM. Reason: forgot to add location

  20. Soon (this week) but keep them coming.
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd
    Soon (this week) but keep them coming.
    Any chances this could be extended down to a 20 year old? *fingers crossed*
    Romans 8:38-39

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  22. Joints - The Why, WOMAC, & Wow

    Fixx Your Joints


    Don't let knee problems sideline you

    There are many popular joint supplements on the market; the most popular are simple NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. The problem with these drugs is their huge lists of risk factors associated with their use, especially long term. This is again another reason why natural supplements can come to be significant players in the joint pain relief market.
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  23. Guys get your apps in ASAP, If I had bad joints I be all over this like a whore on a dick!!

  24. I played some basketball today and oh man I can feel the cartilage just grinding away..swollen like a muhh.. Gnna have to wrap it up for tomorrow..would this product just work as a preventative measure or does it have healing properties on cartilage and tendons

  25. Oooooo, this looks intriguing. I'm currently logging some other products right now but I'd be interested in Joint Fixx. I was just talking to one of the guys I train (he's 20) and I told him how I need an extra recuperation day to let my body heal after destroying it on heavy days. I'm not a big fan of walking like Frankenstein's monster when I get out of bed in the morning. Getting old suuuucks.

    Great opportunity - good luck everyone.
    -- JB \m/
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