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    A brand new study on the tissue distribution of resveratrol in animals was just published. The study was assessing the pharmacodynamics of resveratrol after oral supplementation. To put it simply, pharmacodynamics is the study of where an ingested (or other methods, ex. injection) compound is distributed once it enters your body. This is important simply because certain compounds need to reach tissue in your body in order to have an effect (sometimes positive, sometimes negative). It also allows us to better predict if the in vitro research will actually play out in a real world environment (like a bodybuilder).

    Resveratrol has a lot of research behind it, and a lot of it is controversial. This particular piece of research was interesting because it was attempting to see how much resveratrol ended up in muscle and fat. In addition they used the following controls:

    • Oral resveratrol (three groups, equivalent dose in a 70kg human = 68mg, 340mg, & 680mg's/day)
    • 6 weeks of use
    • Rats (in the study of pharmacodynamics, this is a good model)

    The major problem or knock on resveratrol has always been that it has a poor oral bioavailability, and the levels of resveratrol researched in vitro have not been something we can achieve realistically in humans by taking it orally. But research is beginning to wise up. Researchers now suspect that it's the metabolites of resveratrol that likely are contributing to it's positive effects in live animals and humans. Some of which we have previously discussed in an earlier blog post which showed a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat - Arom-X for Fat Loss.

    The researchers behind this study actually used the same rats they used in a previously published study where they measured resveratrol's fat loss properties. In that study they fed the rats a diet intended to make them obese. Their initial idea was that resveratrol supplementation would slow fat gain. What they actually found was far more exciting. It not only slowed fat gain, but in fact increased fat loss. In fact they found an average fat loss of approximately 24% in the tissues measured (subcutaneous, and mesenteric visceral fat). The purpose for using the same rats in their new study was simple, they had already fed the rats resveratrol, and all they had to do was dissect and analyze the tissue. Nonetheless it was not surprising that they found a large amount of resveratrol metabolites in the liver, an intermediate amount in fat tissue, and a very small amount in muscle. This can also explain why much of the in vivo research has shown fat loss properties instead of muscle building for resveratrol.

    As more and more research on resveratrol gets published (we can barely keep up with it), we will continue to learn more. As of this time it's shaping up to look like an extremely healthy fat loss option.


    Knowing that resveratrol bioavailability is an issue, AMS created a special orally disintegrating tablet. This helps avoid first pass metabolism and improve bioavailability even further. Overall this makes Arom-X not only a great recovery and natural testosterone boosting option, but also a potentially potent fat loss agent. For more information on this powerful natural supplement please visit the Advanced Muscle Science Website.


    Andr?s-Lacueva C, M. M.-R.-O.-S. (2012, Apr 25). Distribution of resveratrol metabolites in liver, adipose tissue and skeletal muscle in rats fed different doses of this polyphenol. J Agric Food Chem. , Epub.

    Macarulla MT, A. G. (2009). Effects of different doses of resveratrol on body fat and serum parameters in rats fed a hypercaloric diet. J Physiol Biochem. , 65(4), 369-76.
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  2. Looks very interesting.
    This product is out and available right?
    I've seen older versions of this (I think) are they the same?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Looks very interesting.
    This product is out and available right?
    I've seen older versions of this (I think) are they the same?
    Yeah the new version is out. It's re-packaged but also uses a better effervescent matrix to facilitate crossing the area below the tongue. It dissolves significantly faster than the old version as well.
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