Is 1-Andro the same as m1D black?

  1. Is 1-Andro the same as m1D black?

    Aren't these the same compound of 1-Dhea?

  2. Bump for Reps.

    Reason I ask is that I will be running 1-Andro and 4ad soon and the closest thing I have run before was md1, which is high dosed DHEA. Ran 2 bottles for 6 weeks, good results and no sides. I think md1 is 1-DHEA, but no sure. Anyways, just curious and no sides or hair shedding on md1, wondering if expect same with 1-Andro if they are similar. Thanks!!

  3. AMS 1-andro?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by schroedes
    AMS 1-andro?

  5. not sure about the md1 but 1-andro is a dhea metabolite, i just got done runnin it and mass drops for 8 weeks and i did experience some shedding towards the end, gained 10 lbs too

  6. 1-Androsterone is 1-DHEA. M1D black is just dhea. 1-Androsterone is going to be significantly stronger.
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