update- halfway through 1-andro rde,4-ad rde, mass drop stack

  1. Cool update- halfway through 1-andro rde,4-ad rde, mass drop stack

    Hey guys, thought i would give a little update on the stack im runnin, ill be halfway through on saturday, first 2 weeks were just the 1 andro and 4-ad then i started the mass drops after the 2nd wk, 6 week stack with the last 2 weeks being just mass drops and 4-ad, also creatine,bcaa's, whey ,toco-8, and 6 bromo, plus multi, fish etc. first ph run for me,29 yrs old been lifting for years, ready to go the next level. slight headaches at first but those went away, huge appetite, and some muscle pains that i dont normally get are the only "sides" so far. anyways im about 4 pounds, but i also look like ive leaned out so thats a plus, feel great in the gym, great pumps that i wasnt gettin before, more vascular, and some slight strength increases. plus i feel like i can damn near go forever in there,but i stop myself.
    Day1- chest-tri"s-calves
    I didnt apply certain days of the week because i usually mix it up and go off how my body feels, diet consists mainly of lots of meat and eggs and complex carbs. anyways little update for you guys on these new products, satisfied so far, probably feel the best ihave in a long time in the gym and i will keep you guys updated as im sure the best weeks are still to come. hopefully

  2. i meant up 4 lbs, started at 211, right around 216-217 right now, and just in case anyone asks, im running torem tabs and titanium xl for pct

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