Anabolic Growth Kit Dry my Joints??

  1. Anabolic Growth Kit Dry my Joints??

    I want to run a cycle using the AMS Anabolic Growth kit. I will be my second ph cycle. My first time was the Trifecta Stack from LG Sciences and the only negative I found with that was by the end of the cycle, my joints were extremely dry and it was hard to even get to the gym. I was told that it was the MMV3 that may have dried my joints. Are any of the compounds in the Anabolic Growth kit hard or drying on the joints? Kit includes Deca, 4ad, 1-andro.

  2. I am going to run this very same cycle, however I have run the hormone regulation kit and had no problem with dry joints, I think with the Deca
    there isno problem with this, but load up with fish oil just in case these would be a good precautionary method.
    hope this helps.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    Shouldnt have any problems with dry joints with the AG kit.

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