1. AMS OOS

    I am looking for a 1-AD and 4-AD RD tabs but they are out of stock everywhere. Any idea when these products will be back?

  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Thats really odd.. I know they had a production issue with the RD tabs earlier this month, but let me see if I can find out some more updated info.

  3. 2-3 weeks hopefully!
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  4. Good I'm after a hormone regulation kit.
    I found a site that had em a few weeks ago. Went looking today because I have a kit I previously ordered that I'm running for 4 weeks and I actually want to do an 8 week cycle.

    So this needs to be available in 2 weeks so I can order and get my kit b4 my last week runs out.

  5. Any updates on this?



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