Ok so I took the step and ordered the pro anabolic kt which has the Deca and the 4ad and a/x pct in it. I looked at other kits AMS offers and wonder if it would be a good idea to add 1ad into the mix. Keep in mind this is my first ph or any type of major sup so I'm new to the game. If I did run this combo what's a safe and effective way to run it? 2 tabs of each (minus the pct) twice a day for 4 weeks or what?
My other questions is the a/x and I have some t/up black sufficient enough for pct?
What sides can I expect?
I'm 5-9 175lbs and diet and training are in check.
Thanks for your help.
One other bonus question for the AMS reps why did u guys make the kit of 1ad/Deca/4ad but u guys didn't include your a/x pct in that kit but your other kits do?