Vapor-XT | Summer Weight loss

  1. Vapor-XT | Summer Weight loss

    I trust AMS with this because I simply love all they're products. So for weight loss this june, I have decided to use Vapor-XT to lose a ton of fat weight.

    I'm planning on doing just cardio until the middle of July. I'm not going to muscle build just yet. However I will be gaining slight muscle because i'm also using the p90x system(don't hate) and drinking protein for pretty much my entire dinner throughout the month.

    Here's exactly what i'm going to be taking for cardio:
    - Vapor-XT
    - CLA
    - Body Mortar
    - Pump Fixx
    - Combat Powder(dinner meal replacement)

    I'm aiming for super low carbs, low cal, low fat dieting daily. And I'm hoping on dropping quite a bit of weight (even though the protein is helping me build muscle using that part of the p90x for building muscle).

    My end of summer and start of school goal is to weight between 160-170. I currently weight 235-240 but I look like I only weight 195 according to everyone.

    Wish me luck guys.

    Almost forgot, here is my workout setup lol:

    - 10AM: Wakeup, take Vapor and a scoop of pump fixx along with CLA, go running a mile for the first week(every week increase by 1 mile)
    - Upon arrival, eat a good breakfast(mixed with a splash of combat and milk)
    - Take another scoop of pump fixx and another vapor-xt and mix up body mortar and start the p90x training for an hour or 2.
    - later that day(since I take Tang Soo Do) around 4:00pm I will take another vapor, and another scoop of pump fixx, mix another of body mortar, and head off to the martial arts school to open up (I got to open up).
    - Upon arrival back home at 9:00pm, drink a mix of Combat and go to bed.

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