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    So I should have this stack coming in today anytime now. This is my first PH and was looking for something to help out with a good summer look. I will post more on my stats when I get off work but for now I am 5'6 150lbs and a fairly low bf%. I was just looking for something to put on some weight and this looked more on the mild side while still actually accomplishing something. I was curious though, Deca is one of the more harder ones to recover from after running it and was wondering if you needed any natty test booster at all other than Arom X for the PCT? I know alot of times it doesn't hurt to have one and money isn't an issue but was just wondering what some other opinions are.

  2. Well I just recieved it and took my first dose. I am gonna do 1 deca and 1 4-ad. Later on tonight I will take 1 more of each before my workout to make it 2 per day as suggested. Hopefully everything goes well.

  3. Well I had a good workout lastnight, nothing special but I figured it will take around 3 days before I started to feel anything. Im going to get my stats up tonight so we can look at increases throughout the cycle. Should be an experience.

  4. Weight. +2.0lbs

    This stuff works well, it increases your metabolism a ridiculous amount. I am eating like a monster!! I haven't been doing daily updates because I figured it is just easier to let you know the gist of it. All my lifts I have been able to slowly start lifting more for sure. I haven't been doing a lot of power lifting, I prefer to lift lighter weights and do about 10-12 reps. But I can notice the weights keep getting lighter and lighter each time. The only thing I can say is that it makes you wanna workout all the time so make sure you do rest!! But so far so good. No sides at all I have noticed.

  5. Very nice man. I know this will definitely be on my todo list when I turn 21 . Please keep us all updated though. I'm really interested in seeing your results. 2lb in a matter of 5 days is pretty good .

  6. Glad to see you are seeing some results! what is your diet like? And are you taking any other supplements?

  7. How's it coming along brother?
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