Mind if the FNG logs the Hormone Regulation Kit?

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  1. Mind if the FNG logs the Hormone Regulation Kit?

    This is my first PH, and my first log. I hope we're going to have a fun ride for the next 8 weeks.

    A little about me: 30 years old, 6'3, 205. Almost exactly a year ago I was 280 and have made great progress so far. Now it's time get big. I'll be keeping things relatively simple. Last week I switched from a very successful 5x5 workout to a Push/Pull/Legs split that I'm pleased with so far. I work a lot, but manage to get 4 to 5 days in the gym a week. Cardio isn't a huge priority for me, and I'll only do it on any extra days I can sneak away or have extra time. I will be using the following supplements:
    ON natural protien
    Creatine Monohydrate
    Multi vitamin
    Hemo Rage Ultra Concentrate
    LG Sciences Substerone
    and the Hormone Regulation Kit

    As far as nutrition goes, I'll be keeping a log to track calories and protien intake. I take in about 200g of protien daily and hope for 3500 calories, but am usually lower. Something to work on.

    My goodies arrived yesterday, so today was day 1. Had an average leg workout, recovery was excellent between sets(I time my rest peroids).

    I'll have wifey take some pics so we can compare and contrast.

    That pretty well covers day 1. I'll get a weight tomorrow.

  2. We always welcome a good log. Look forward to following along and looks like a darn good stack you got going on.
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  3. I am in bro!!

  4. It's 0535, on my way to the gym. I'm really excited for chest day. Weight was 209.5. It's not uncommon for me to fluctuate 3-4lbs in the mornings.

    This pic isnt thats great, considering I took it myself with my cell camera. It's a decent representation though. (nevermind, I dont have enough posts yet)

    Excellent workout today. Hated to have to leave to go to work. It's only day 2, so I attribute that to the placebo effect and possibly the Substerone.
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  5. Since you're trying to pack on size, I'd suggest upping the cals. 3500 seems a bit low at 6'3" 205lbs, especially if you're doing cardio. What is your maintenance caloric intake? I'm 200lbs and I take in 5000 cals. Try going +500-1000 over maintenance to start with. Good luck bro!

  6. Couldnt post yesterday. Worked a 12 hour shift and then my marrage collapsed around me. I weighed 212 though.

    Today. Things are iffy at best. Weighed 207.5. Managed to turn sadness and fear into aggression and had an excellent workout. Added 20lbs to bent over row, 10 to cable row, 40 to shrugs, and 5 to ez bar curls.

    Sides? Not sure if its too early or not. Aggression way up, as is hunger.

  7. Luckily I found dosing instruction in another thread, so I'm going to alternate 1-ad and 4-ad every 4 hours. THank goodness I was only 4 days into it.

    Weighed 211 this morning. Sore from yesterday's destruction. Today's an off day. Tomorrow is my push day(flat and incline, military press, tri's, etc) Really looking foward to it.

    Aggression is much lower today. energy is good. Thirst has been up the past few days.

    Ive increased calories and protien substantially also. It's hard to make myself eat when I've basically been dieting down for a year.

  8. WHOA!!! 211 already? You been eating !!!LOL. Looks very intresting, Welcome and in for this one buddy!!


  9. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    WHOA!!! 211 already? You been eating !!!LOL. Looks very intresting, Welcome and in for this one buddy!!
    I went full retard last night and had a bunch of pizza and finished my kids' icecream. So much for eating clean all day.

  10. Couldn't hit the gym today. Chainsawing trees and ripping out bushes. I'm calling it a total body workout. Weighed 207.

    Thirst is up. Aggression is low. No sides this first week.

  11. Finally! Just got back from the gym. My real gym downtown is closed, so I had to make due at... Planet Fittness(eek!). Weighed 208 this morning. Eating like a horse. Workout was good. I was very motivated, not sure if its the 1 and 4-ad, or the fact that my marrage is crumbling. I didn't want to leave.

    Still thirsty, aggression is moderate. Hunger is average. No acne or anything. Libido is on the back burner.

  12. Overslept a little and didnt get to weigh myself. Had a great leg workout that I'm sure I'll pay for tomorrow. Added 15lbs to my squats.

    Still thirsty, aggression is up. Hunger is slightly up. No acne or anything. Libido? Ha! what is that?

  13. Have a yucky schedule these next 3 days. When I got up at 0200 for work, I weighed 210. I'll be able to hit the gym at 1615 today and hopefully crush a "pull" workout.

    Still thirsty, aggression is up. Hunger is slightly up. No acne or anything. Libido? None

    Added 15lbs to my bent over row, 10 to cable row, and 5 to ez bar curl a,d another 5 to incling DB curls and concentration curls. Stamina was excellent. I could have stayed all night.

  14. 210 this morning at 0200 before work. Feel great. I hope the stress of the last week hasn't messed up any gains. Gotta recover today. Hopefully be able to hit it tomorrow evening.

  15. After an almost 13 hour day I snuck away for a decent "push" workout. I didnt weigh myself before work at 0200 becasue I was full on zombie, so I pretty much suck today. Stamina was good, didnt really add any weight.

    Hunger is WAY up. Libido is back(stress is a funny thing)

  16. Woke up and weighed 208. I'm eating like a horse. I cant understand it. I do feel like a rutting buck though, so I have no complaints.

  17. If I were you Id just weigh myself like once a week.. Your weight fluctuates everyday. Ive been doing that, and its pissin me off..LOL


  18. No workouts this weekend, unless you count hauling logs and feeding tree limbs into a chipper. Still hurting from Fridays workout. Feel great otherwise though. Hungry and thirsty.

    Almost out of the LG Substerone. May have another day left. I realize I'm not logging that product here, but I liked it.

  19. Hey I am actually taking the pro anabolic stack and was wondering if it was normal to feel some pain in your testicles at all? Its doesn't hurt really bad but I can definitely feel something going on.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bmmballer07 View Post
    Hey I am actually taking the pro anabolic stack and was wondering if it was normal to feel some pain in your testicles at all? Its doesn't hurt really bad but I can definitely feel something going on.
    I'm 2 weeks in, and my balls feel normal.

  21. Yesterday was a pull day, generally a good workout. Added 20lbs to my bent over row and cable row. Also 5lbs to incline curl and 10 to concentration curl.

    Today was legs... pyramided up 135x10, 225x8, 275x6, 275x3, 255x6 for squats. So i kind of added 20lbs. No other weights changed.

    I noticed that my wrists and elbows hurt for 3 days following Friday's chest/tri workout. Not sure if that's a side or over training or what it could be. Everything else is great.

  22. Ok, haven't weighed myself since the 4th, and I'm still 207 this morning. I do look better though.

    Had a very good chest/tri's/ shoulder workout. Chest and shoulder gains are coming more slowly, I was able to add 10lbs to my incline bench and another 10 to cable cross overs. Chest is a little more challenging because I don't have a spotter, so I have to lean toward the conservative.

  23. Today was kind of a bonus day in the gym. I did some lower weight, higher rep preacher curls, shrugs, straight arm pull downs, bent over rows(which I've been doing wrong previously, oops) and abs.

    Nothing to report other than some acne on my chest. Hard to say if it's from the stack or the fact that it's 90deg and I'm wearing a vest and uniform.

    May be able to hit the gym saturday morning. If not, I'm gonna have to be off till monday because of family obligations.

  24. I'll be walking around the Pittsburg Zoo tomorrow, so I didn't want to torture myself with legs today and pay for it all day tomorrow. So I had an awesome push workout.

    I received my Pump Fixx yesterday and tried it today. Wow, LOVE IT!

    My lower back felt tight, not sure if I slept funny or what. No sides, feel awesome, look great, eating like a horse. I don't want to stop!

  25. Add a weight gainer if you need extra calories There are some weight gainers that give like 600 cals per serving.


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