BraveHearts Anabolic Growth Kit Log (sponsored)

  1. BraveHearts Anabolic Growth Kit Log (sponsored)

    Ok so Ive been kinda busy the past few days, Started the stack Yesterday, let me give some backround. Im 5'10" 225lbs, about 20% bf, Im using the stack to maintain and gain lean muscle while I cut fat to prepare for the police academy. I eat paleo and I dont count calories, Ive been eating paleo for almost 3 months and have already cut my bodyfat from 27% to 20%, now I am a former Marine so I know the importance of being in shape, and I have a degree in sports medicine and fitness technology, but I got lazy for a while and I got fat, but Im back on it now so here we go. Like I said, started the stack yesterday and I do a 3 day split routine large muscle groups and there assistors,
    Day 1) Back and Biceps
    Day 2) legs
    Day 3) Chest, shoulders, and Triceps

  2. So Yesterday was Back and Bis,
    Pullups- (assisted 20,15,12,10,8,6,4,2)
    Bent over dumbell rows- 45lbs 4x 12
    Lat pull downs- 150lbs 4x12
    shrugs-190lbs 2x12
    Silver Back Shrugs- 190lbs 2x12
    Low Back Extensions- 135lbs 4x12
    Preacher Curls- 90lbs 4x8
    Standing Barbell Curls- 85lbs 4x8
    Static Dumbell curls- 30lbs 4x8

  3. Today was Legs
    Squats- 280lbs 4x10
    deadlifts- 300lbs 4x8
    Leg Extensions- 145lbs 4x12
    Leg curls- 85lbs 4x12
    calf raises 90lbs 4x12
    anterior Tibs- 40lbs 4x12

  4. Overall I like the products, started with 1AD, and Decavol, Gonna see how it goes and try to start 4Ad week 3 but we will see how the sides go, Great pumps felt like my biceps were gonna rip out of my skin, muscles feel fuller, no sides to report but its only been 2 days. I will post some before pics this weekend, now remember I am not trying to get huge, major recomp, right now the only other supps im taking is Kre-alkylyn and Jacked pre workout. thinking about throwing in some VaporXT, I am 33 years old and im determined to get back to Marine Corps days of 200lbs and about 10-11% bf. Not looking for negative comments here but if you have any suggestions or advice, words of encouragement its much appreciated. Hang on and enjoy the ride this will be a very in depth thread!!!!

  5. Good luck brother. You going to be doing cardio as well?
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  6. Lots of cardio, 5 to 6 days a week

  7. good luck to you man, it's going to be a great cycle. how many kits are you going to use and what are you going to use for pct?

  8. I'm gonna run 2 kits, 2 tabs a day for the first 30 days, then with the second kit,gonna bump it up to 3 a day, they say I should be good with arom-x for pct, but I'm gonna get a serm this week just in case, I have to say I'm loving the cycle already, good aggression, and good pump, muscles feel real full, gonna post my workout from tonight when I get home, too much to type on my phone

  9. looks good. i'll keep up on your cycle see how it goes. I'm also planning to run the same thing but maybe just one kit sometime this year.

  10. ya good luck man i loved just one kit would like to try two in the future.

  11. Ok its been a few days but my life has been kinda hectic, Wednesday I did chest, shoulders, and triceps, strength was definitely up, a week ago I was struggling to get 8-10 reps with 205 on bench, wednesday not only did I get 8-10 w/205, I got 8 reps with 225 lbs! not a pr but at this rate i feel a pr comin in bench, thursday was back and biceps again and I can honestly say i feel like im getting stronger with every workout! the weight that I used 3 days ago just feels easier, could just be placebo but I feel like the product is doing what it says it will do. like I said I do a three day split 6 days a week, and tomorrow will be my second chest shoulder tris workout so im curious to see if the weight I used on wednesday feels lighter, because so far it happened with back and bis, and tonight with legs so I will definitely report my results tomorrow,cant wait to see what happens when I add the 4ad into the mix! No sides to report except aggression, I have a real short fuse to begin with but for the past few days the small things have been setting me off, no lethargy, libido actually seems to be up, Ive been smashing my wife everynight, but its still early so we'll see how it goes next week. Like I said I'll be back tomorrow to report on my workout. and im gonna try to get some before pics up tomorrow

  12. ya does sound like its working

  13. I've been doing a 3 day split 6 days a week as well.
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  14. how's the cycle going man


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