1. PUMP FIXX FYI!!!!!!!!

    Had an awesome session last night. I took 2 scoops of Pump Fixx and hit up my first session of DC training. I trained DC for a few years, then switched it up to higher volume, but it's time to get brutally strong and HUGE, so it's DC time and PUMP FIXX baby!!

    Decline BB Press - 225 - 8,3,2 = 13 total

    Chest stretch

    Smythe Mil Press - 150 - 11,4,3 = 18 (will use 160 next time)

    Standing DB Lateral Raise Widowmaker - 30x25

    Delt Stretch

    Hammer Strength Dips - 230 - 12,6,3 = 21 (will use 250 next time)

    Tricep Stretch

    Dante-Style Seated Cable Rows - 250 - 10,4,3 = 17 (will use 260 next time) Not sure if anyone is familiar with these, but basically you bend your knees slightly and be sure to get a nice deep stretch at the beginning of the movement. Instead of keeping your back straight and chest out like traditional cable rows, you lean forward and flare your arms out, while keeping your back rounded. Now you pull back on the close grip handle using only your lats and you instantly feel them working. I REALLY felt this exercise in my lats and it was amazing. This was the first time i've ever tried these and I definitely recommend them.

    Deads - 315x8, 335x6

    This was an awesome workout and I really enjoyed it. My intensity was crazy high and I felt fairly aggressive, like that "alpha male" type of aggression. I felt very strong and am so glad to be back to DC training. For anyone who hasn't already tried Pump Fixx, I HIGHLY suggest you do!!!
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  2. Good stuff man... One of my favorite aspects of this product is you never plateau like u do on other pre-workout products. Ive used this product for 9 months str8t with no lag, best product for the money on the market today.

  3. Awesome. JD when is the next show?
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