growth kit RD(first cycle)

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  1. growth kit RD(first cycle)

    For my first cycle I have AMS anabolic growth kit and arom-x for pct. The growth kit includes 1-AD,4-AD, and decavol.

    My plan for use is as follows:

    1-AD: 2/2/2/2
    dvol: 2/2/2/2
    4-Ad: 0/0/2/2/2/2

    My knowledge on this stuff is not very high so I am almost certain there is something I am doing wrong/missing. To be safe I would like to know these things.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    looks good, however i'd go 4 weeks on the arom x for your PCT

  3. alright thanks alot

  4. is arom x for 4weeks enough of a pct for this cycle or is serm necessary?

    and gameday, are you gonna log this cycle?

  5. I have not made a log before but may try to start one up soon

  6. you should do it for this cycle, at least like a review of how the stuff is working out for you. im also planning to run this sometime this year.

  7. Ok, yesterday was the first day taking the growth kit, along with back/biceps workout. Sticking with 3 sets of 5, then burn out with a set of 25 per exersice. Today was chest/triceps with the same method, keeping it heavy all the way through. Tommorow will be leg day along with deadlifts, then day 4 will be lats/traps/shoulders, reapeting the cycle with day 1 after that. I also rotate abs and obliques every day in the mourning and do 30 minutes of moserate cardio on Tuesday and Thursday's.

    some sets I will be keeping track of for stength are currently:
    flat bench: 225x5, 275x1
    deadlift: to be set
    leg press: to be set
    shoulder press db's: 55'sx5, 80'sx1

    Current weight is 163.8lbs, and intaking a clean 3500cals a day through 6 meals, 40/40/20 split.

    The taste of the RD tabs gave me a good surprise (just like a good mint) and I am using theese in the way stated above.

    I train at roughly 4:00pm everyday and will try to keep logs updated around 6:00pm, the cycle will last 6 weeks and I am aiming to be 175 at that time (12lbs gain). I bulk very quick as a mesomorph bodytype but will try keeping the gains from muscle mass and not bf.

  8. thats good man, keep us posted. btw, how are you dosing the tabs? are you putting all three of them the same time or you wait til one of them dissolves then you put the next?

  9. I have been holding for 30 secs, then swallowing, one tab at a time. I am not sure if this is the optimal way of doing it but took an educated guess after reading the arom-x packaging, If anyone sees this and knows a better way let me know.

  10. yeah, that's what i've read on the instructions too. you feeling any effects yet like strengthwise? also, do you feel any diuretic effect from taking it?

  11. Have you been taking the RDs with food or on empty? and how long do you space out your 2 tabs?

  12. I have been taking them on empty, upon waking up and then the next around 3pm, about 6 hours apart. I have not yet felt any diuretic affect from taking them, I was unaware that that was an affect actually.

    One thing that has started to kick in is strength gains, I was setting the deadlift and leg press max's today and was not expecting to push the weights that I did at all. Another thing I noticed is when doing leg extentions I developed a pretty insane pump, it felt as if I was constantly flexing my legs through the rest of the workout.

    I was very surprised to actually experience strength gains this quickly, as I have only taken the stack for three days. I love the pump too and am expecting that to progress as the weeks go on, this is at least what seems to occur to most people that have made reveiws on this product.

    The four excersises that I have chosen to track all now have been set
    flat bench- 225x5, 275x1
    deadlift- 240x5, 300x1
    leg press- 650x5, 800x1
    shoulder press db's- 55x5, 80x1

    I am just going to record my weight about twice weekly, on Sunday's and Wednesday's.

  13. Cool, good luck man and hope to see some befor and after pics

  14. nice, im glad to see a positive review, I was planning on running this stack in the near future

  15. Day 4

    Hey guys I got a liitle held up last night as wasn's able to do my reveiew, last night I did biceps/back though and it turned out great.

    Biceps were about to explode after the third set of preacher curls haha, and I got an alright pump in my back as well. The pump is awsome on this product. I was working out with a buddy last night that is almost identical in strength and he was not able to complete some of the sets I was doing so I think strength has gone up a little too.

    Today I think I am going to skip to chest and triceps because my shoulders seem a bit sore still, so I will do them tommorow. I am going to try increasing my 3 sets of 5 on flat bench today from 225 to 230, and maybe test a 1rm while i'm at it.

    I will post those before/after pics at the end of the cycle, have taken before pic but need to buy a new connection for my iphone to upload it.

    Another thing I noticed on the bad side of things is that I think I am already experiencing some lathargy. Yesterday I had to take a mid afternoon nap after slugging around the house all mourning. This may have been a lack of sleep or something but if it continues it is obviously lethargy from the stack, in wich case I may start 4-ad early to combat this.

  16. Your bulking on 3500 Cal's? I bulk with 4000 to 4500 but then again I like to eat everything.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by gameday View Post
    I have been holding for 30 secs, then swallowing, one tab at a time. I am not sure if this is the optimal way of doing it but took an educated guess after reading the arom-x packaging, If anyone sees this and knows a better way let me know.
    Let them dissolve all the way. I posted this in another thread but here is the best way to use them:

    Ideally do the following:

    1. Score the tab, or bite it in half.
    2. Get it all under your tongue
    3. Leave it there for as long as it dissolves
    4. Swallow when necessary (saliva build up)

    If you are using more then one of these ph's try to separate them.
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  18. First week conclusion

    Sorry for the lack of reveiws, but there was not much to record.

    I have not been feeling as tired lately, lathargy is not bad, but I have still decided to start 4-ad tommorow (week 2). This is because I ant to leave as much time as posible to diet properly prior to summer.

    Strength and pumps at the gym are still awsome, yesterday I completed 3x5 with 75lb dbs on shoulder press, and as you can see above my previous 1rm was 80's!!

    The real thing to make note of today is that I weighed myself for the first time since the start of the cycle......... 170.2lbs! ((( UP 7.5lbs IN 7 DAYS )))

    Maybe I can even hit 180, that would be amazing.

  19. Solid gains so far. Keep killin the gym!
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  20. good gains so far man, keep it up and keep us posted with anything in regards to this cycle.

  21. Week 2, day 2

    Strength is still going up, yesterday I leg pressed 1000lbs. That was a long term goal I had set about two years ago. Overall happy with this cycle so far and am going to deffinately keep pushing it in the gym.

    This has been one of the financially smart things I have ever done as well, $120 after shipping for the whole stack. I am one of the kind of guys that gets ripped off alot by crap supplements, for this two work at this price is a nice change. Thanks AMS!

  22. damn man, 1000lbs? thats gotta be a PR. as for the cycle are you taking anything else like a preworkout supplement?

  23. forgot to ask, are you feeling anything weird like puffy nipps or anything related to gyno?

  24. I am taking a BSN stack for pre (n.o explode with nitrix stack) although i might drop nitrix because more pump than I already get from the ph stack is kinda unnecassary lol.

    other than that just protein and multivitamins

    I am not feeling any signs of gyno, hopefully I wont either... have no serm on hand.

  25. that's good man, just keep your fingers cross on that one. AMS reps, has there been any reported case of gyno or any flare up from this cycle or any of your ph products? would be interested to know


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