4ad dose recommendations?

  1. 4ad dose recommendations?

    I've decided to use 4ad during a SD/PP cycle to keep libido high. Is this the right choice? What do you reps recommend as a dosage? I'll probably be buying two XL bottles of the UTT. Would 2 or 2.5 mL twice daily be too much? Also, at this dosage would I need an AI like formestane or will I be fine?

  2. yeah 4ad converts to test so you could definitely use that as a test base during your cycle. I know the tabs you'd want to run it at 600mg-800mg per day but not too sure about the liquid.

  3. Dependent on your goals if that is only to keep libido in check the 2ml's per day should surffice. If your goals are to add even more mass with this said stack you could comfortably go into the 3-4 ml range with split doses through day of course.

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