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    The following are some blogs from Derik and his work with AMS:

    Freak Fixx

    Hey all you musclemaniacs, thanx for stopping by my AMS blog!

    I’m very honored and thankful for the opportunity Advanced Muscle Science has given me taking me on as there sponsored athlete as well as allowing me to talk about my journeys and week to week happenings.

    In weeks to come i’ll be laying out my 2011 journey to my next venture, not 100% laid out yet, still waiting on a few things to arise to make final decisions.

    On this blog we’ll have video clips, pictures etc. form various training sessions , massage appointments, and other aspects of my training regiment.
    We’ll udpate where I am with appearances as well and the happenings going on in the AMS world.

    So Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

    Video....after doing 3 rounds of giant sets with squatting hacks and leg press , derik attempted 545 for 10 on the 4th round .. gets 8 reps and gets buried.. watch how he throws thebar over his

    The Freak
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  2. Thumbs up

    what a week!

    You often hear about how bodybuilders live a selfish life. We are in the zone , 7 meals a day , training for 1 to 2 hrs , cooking sleeping etc, having no time for “real life ”

    Hittin' it Hard!

    That was the juggle I had this week. My best friend Pete Ciccone is getting married in 3 weeks and I’m the best man, I took this as a great honor so doing my best to do the duties of a good “best man” so this past sat. was the “bachelor party” so I had been planning this with 24 guys in mind. Paint ball in the am, steak dinner in the pm followed by a trip to the strip club of course..
    Now it doesn’t sound like a lot to do , but coordinating all this while training myself , my clients, sponsor duties, cooking and giving my girlfriend the attention she deserves def put a damper on your body mentally.
    I’m happy to say the day went great despite the rain the am we had a blast!

    So back to the muscle ! lol!

    I’ve been following a strict diet regiment the past 2 weeks , this due to the nutritionist i hired, yes after 25yrs I’m putting my prep into someone elses hands. Who it is , we’ll discuss in a later blog but for now lets just say , he’s the only one I would feel comfortable with my prep. I’ve looked at him as a mentor so I couldn’t be happier.
    My current diet/supplement regiment looks like:

    1. 8 egg whites, 1 scoop whey
    3/4 cup grape nuts
    multi-vitamin, 1gm vit. c, 2000 ui vit. d, AMS’s Arom-X
    2. 8 oz steak , 1 cup white rice

    30 min before workout 2 scoops of Pump Fixx as well as i serving of Hypertrop-X
    vitamin c , and cal /mag
    3. post workout 2 scoops whey 60 gm dextrose and a bagel
    30 gms of the dextrose comes from body mortar blue raspberry.

    4. 8 oz chicken green veggies

    5. 8 oz steak green veggies

    6. 16 egg whites or a 8oz steak with mushrooms and various veggies

    pm supplements

    Arom-X, and lately Nocturnabol , with the extra stress I’ve been using this and it seems to def. help me sleep. I noticed its best for me to take it 45 min before I need to get to bed.

    Arom-X Liquid Test booster and AI

    Strongest Sleep Product OTM

    The goal with the current diet is to trim a little fat, lean me out a bit then build me back up towards the shows I’m looking at.
    I’m a bit upset as we lost our camera yesterday which had some great pics form this weeks training sessions.. We did grab some leg shots today. Def. we will have some for next week for sure of other sessions..

    Next weeks blog we’ll go over the shows I’m pondering, some ideas going on here at AMS, good exciting things coming that I’m hoping you will find helpful in your training and diet.

    ‘Til next week… train hard muscle maniacs!

    The Freak
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance
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  3. Arrow The Freak Fixx

    The Freak Speaks

    Welcome back muscle maniacs!

    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did. I had the pleasure of spending it with my girls’ family in sunny Palm Springs, CA. I still can’t get used to the weather out here (originally from Ayer, Mass.) during the holidays, but I’m not complaining – lol!

    OK, lets see what’s going on around here. Well – lets start with some great AMS news. First up, we are proud to say AMS HD TV ss up and running:

    Here you will see training videos from various sessions of mine as well as other AMS maniacs such as Manny Nysc. This guy is very talented cranking out videos as well as having a great physique – Rock it Manny!

    Manny "NYC" Kirby

    You will also see promos of our supplements and various appearances we venture out to.

    Other news, I’ve been told there is a new anabolic kit coming out very soon , I’m under locked lip to say anymore but we here at AMS are excited to launch this new kit . Soon as I know more I’ll get you guys the 411 on this new supplement bundle!

    Now lets talk some muscle!

    Ok, this time of the year to me is make or break for the bodybuilder trying to take it to the next level. From thanksgiving to the new year is roughly 5 weeks. I see a lot of athletes less and less in the gym, and more excuses why. These are valuable weeks you need in your off-season to make the changes to move up the ladder in the upcoming season or for a better ”YOU” in 2011. The more you fall off the wagon, the more behind you fall for 2011. Be a little more disciplined around the holiday meals. I’m not saying don’t have mom’s X-mas dinner, but make sure you get in the right amount of meals that day as well as the proper ratios. One meal won’t kill you but a whole day or two makes it harder to get back on track for sure.
    Training wise, schedule a few days off around each holiday but make sure you are hitting it on the days you are supposed to. The days before the holidays and after get right back on the saddle ASAP, otherwise the hill gets higher and harder to get back onto.
    With 2011 coming soon, I’ve been slowly planning out my year. Last year I took off from competing for the first time in 6 years. It was much needed. My training business boomed as I put more focus into it and had the energy to do the little things that can make or break you in the business world. With the break I was able to train heavier for longer periods, take off more scheduled days to just ”Rest My Body & Brain”. People don’t realize the mental drain contest prep can be. I put 100% into each show, and it def. took its toll in 08, 09. So I had a break and made the most of my year off. Now, I’m BACK! I have a great sponsor, who has my back 100%, great training partner (619 Muscle owner) Pete Ciccone:

    Pete Ciccone

    The best girl ever, who recently moved in with me a few months ago Kim Hill:

    Kim & Derik/joined at the hip

    She gives me soo much support [ love you baby], and lastly but def not least, my new nutritionist, Chris Aceto!

    Chris Aceto
    I’ve followed this guys’ nutrition ideas for almost 10 yrs. I contacted him late in August to ask if I could hire him for 2011 prep. LOL! Well I had to wait from Nov. 1st ’til the year was over for him with his other “already committed” athletes. So from that point on I emailed him every 2 weeks letting him know how serious I was . Come Nov. 1st, he contacted me and was going to say no, due to being so tired from the 2010 season (which was very understandable – he kicked ass with his athletes). He then sent another email and told me my consistency was something he admired in athletes and he let me hire him.. I’m sooo pumped to have him as my ”EYE”. He has an incredible eye for changing the body and knowing just what to do. I just want to do him and the rest of my team proud!
    So, what show am I doing you may now wonder? Well, we are starting off with the Dallas/Europa Pro – Aug, 12-13, followed by the Phoenix Pro 2 weeks later on Aug 27th. I’m not going to make any predictions except I’ll bring a much better package then in the past and hopefully it will be my best ever!
    Until then I’ll be busting my ass in the gym, making videos and keeping you up to date on the “Freak Fixx” Blog. If you have any questions hit me up @ [email protected] .com and I’ll try to answer it here for you.

    OK, Its time for me to go back to work… more pics and videos coming. Thanx for all the support! I def. appreciate it .

    The Freak
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance
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