A Little Help

  1. A Little Help

    I want to run a cycle of AMS I just purchesed 2 Hormone regulation kits. Can I run 3ml a day of 4ad/1-Andro then the 4 weeks of arom-x at 2ml or is there a better way to stack it.Also is Arom-x sufficent for pct or schould I add something to it. I am currentley deployed in Saudi Arabia and will return home in about 3 months I am currentley 205 and about 10-12%bf I want to loose a little bf% but its not that critical and get up to around the 225 mark. My work out routeen is soild and I take in about 3500 of clean calories a day and I hit the 1.5 gram per lb protein mark with food and supliments. Any advice would helpfull thanks.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    I think that would work just fine, and yes, the AROM-X is fine for PCT

  3. Ok thanks you i will keep a log and Pics to come.
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