well i am back again after a little bit. like to leave a shout out to the AMS guys for all the help last time i was on here. look forward to another run while i am on this deployment also.

  2. Welcome back.....

  3. Welcome back my friend!!

  4. how is everything... well i started the " pro kit" with some massive amounts of gym time and am lovin the results. me and two other guys from my unit are doing the same stack and wow, one has had a 3 in gain on his arms alone. and i am hitting a 2 1/2 in gain on em. so far in almost a month i have gained a solid 8 lbs. here is what i am doing so you can advise me if you think i should change or add anything.

    AMS : Pro Anabolic kit
    AMS: Pump Fixx
    Scivation : Xtend
    BNS: Syntha-6
    Gold Standard Casein Protein

    Rocking 2 a days in the gym, same muscle groups. and lovin it.was sore the first day and not since. doing a 6 sets on 6-1 reps with a 50lb increase in weight total between the first to last set. i will send you some stats when we hit the 30 day mark.
  5. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    awesome, glad it is treating you well.



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