Help design 4-AD cycle

  1. Talking Help design 4-AD cycle

    4-AD RD tabs + Epi Clone

    10 + years of gear use

    6'0 225 13%

    Looking to do a lean gainer

    Diet is in check

    8 weeker

    Need advice on dosing/MG's/day for BOTH EPI and 4AD RD


  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    I'm a big fan of using 3-4 tabs of the 4AD per day, split into 3-4 doses.

    Could do something like dose the 4AD for the first 2-3 weeks and then start up the Epi while continuing the 4AD for the remainder of the time.

  3. I'd dose epi at 30 mg for the fist two weeks and then 45 for the last 2 or 3. Like tattoo said keep 4-AD at 3-4 tabs throughout 5 weeks. I wouldn't run 4-ad longer than six because it might be a little too suppressive. This looks like a good combo and I'd love for you to log it

  4. Thanks all

  5. If your worried about cost like i usually am 3 RD tabs aday will b sufiecient i did'nt notice any difference between taking the extra but i am only 205 and your 225 but if money not a prob try the 4 tabs with 30mg of the epi and you'll be happy.

  6. Thanks


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