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  1. Good stuff. How is your libido?
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Good stuff. How is your libido?
    It's exactly the same throughout. I feel no different than when I started in that department. I love this 4-AD. It really helps when I start to feel lazy. Thankgod for this or I would've been fired from my job lol.

  3. Day 27 OFF Weight: 173.5 lbs.

    Went ahead and took the day off today just to be fully prepared for tomorrow

  4. Day 28 Sick PR Day! Weight: 173.9lbs (+.4lbs.) day so far. Unimaginable energy and ridiculous strength gains on biceps. This was best workout of them all. Did 13 wide grip pullups instead of new PR. And finally Bicep's where the ridiculous part comes to play. In week 2 I did 10 reps with the 30 lb. dumbell after a few other bicep sets. Today I did 18 reps following the same routine as week 2's workout. That's an 8 REP GAIN!!! This is not my last day BTW..Tomorrow is deadlifts/Abs.

  5. Day 29 Lower Back/Abs Weight: 173.9 lbs

    I did hit a PR on deadlifts today doing 3 with 280 instead of 2. Today's workout was good only because of that but I didn't see the kind of pumps yesterday gave me. I will post up a final review of ending weight gained after I max out on BenchP tomorrow and I still have 3 ml of 4-ad for tomorrow, so the cycle is not over yet lol, but the deca is gone

  6. Day 30 Chest/Triceps Weight: (174.0lbs)

    New max! 230 on BP! I got it up nice and easy...and don't make a joke about that. Every excercise was in fact a PR because I got overall stronger, especially my flat DB presses. Great workout and was as good as day 28. Final Review tomorrow as well as ending maxes.

  7. Okay I'm on Day 2 of pct and tomorrow is a squat that's my last max. I've PR'ed on bench, deads, and curls, but I'd like to see squats b4 final review. This cycle was virtually side effect free though. Slight back pumps at last week and minor increase in BP, no acne to speak of. Libido was great throughout. More details tomorrow

  8. Nice log partner

  9. Agreed great log
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  10. Decavol/4-ad FINAL REVIEW

    Ok I hit 2 new reps on my squats, 1 of which I barely got up. so...PR!

    Overall ending weight: (174.0lbs.) (+4.6lbs.)

    Ending maxes:

    Bench Press: 230-232 lbs. (+5 approximately)
    Squat: 270 lbs. (+10)
    Deadlift: 298-300 (+10 lbs approximately)
    ~based on calculator

    Strength: 8/10-Decavol didn't exactly shine through in this department but it didn't fail me either. I'm satisfied with a 25 lb increase in compound lifts overall and my biceps look swole

    Libido:10/10-felt great in this department from start to finish, in fact after 4-ad I started getting random boners lol.

    Aggression:5/10-some days I felt that alpha male feeling but other days were just kind of ehh. But I'm no advocate of aggression, this is actually good.

    Weight:9/10 up 4 and a half pounds after 30 days..and I NEVER gain weight, so this is saying something. I'm finally in the 170 lb weightclass

    Body fat: N/A ~ I haven't checked that yet but my abs look sexy and based on my observations, I'd say I lost 1% approximately. I'll check this out when I get a chance

    Side effects: 3/10- I won't say I felt none but the things Natadrol killed were libido and my face. However, on this cycle I had virtually no acne and unchanged libido. Only problems were lethargy and back pumps and because of this I'd strongly recommend 4-ad throughout cycle and taurine at last week; they really really REALLY helped.

    OVERALL: 8.75/10

  11. Thanks for following guys! AMS puts out legit products and I'm sure if I had dosed higher my gains would've really been enough to "write home about." BUT I was very happy with the cycle and would do it all over again given the choice.

  12. Great Log bro! We at AMS & everyone at AM really appreciates you taking the time out your busy life to put up a unbias log for these products. Glad you were pleased with the products and finally getting up to that 170 class lol, The AMS team strives hard to bring our customers the most cutting edge products to help you reach your goals. Thanks again!


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